Circumcision Of The Penis – To Circumcise Or Not To Circumcise? That’s The Question

If you are troubled by the issue of whether to have a circumcision or not, you are not alone. Randomly approach two females from a crowded street and ask them if they prefer a circumcised man or an uncircumcised man, you will know what I mean. Ok, you may appear like a jerk but you will find that the vote is equally split.

If that’s the case, why do some men prefer to take away the foreskin of the penis? Or why do some women prefer their men be natural with the foreskin firmly intact?

Here are the pros and cons of undergoing circumcision:

Pros :-

1) A circumcized penis is cleaner as the troublesome foreskin is not there to trap dirt, urine, semen, whatever. Some women prefer a clean-cut penis head for hygienic reasons. One woman says : “Based on my previous encounters, cleanliness is important because the penis tastes, smells, and looks more appealing. Plus, spur-of-the-moment sexual activity is more enjoyable with a man who is circumcised, because bathing efforts last for longer periods of time.”

2) A circumcized penis is more sexy looking? This is actually a subjective take. Some girls prefer bald men, right?

3) A clean cut penis is more sensitive to the touch, so it is more pleasurable for both parties involved. The penis head contains lots of nerve cells that are sensitive and without the foreskin, things can get really “sex-citing”

4) A circumcised penis sits neatly in a condom. It does not get in the way during thrusting and holds on to the condom more tightly. Thus it is safer for you and your partner too.


1) A circumcised penis is not natural, its not meant to be that way.

2) Some girls prefer the feel of the extra skin, especially during foreplay. One woman surveyed says: “Although I do base my opinion of a man on his big head, not his little one, I have to say that uncircumcised is better because there is more variation. Playing with the skin is like an added benefit, it feels comfortable while he is thrusting also. From my experience, circumcised penises tends to rub too hard and too much. A little friction is good, but too much can be quite painful. Uncut guys give just the right amount of friction and I like the way the skin moves back and forth in my mouth.”

3) A clean cut penis may hurt during lovemaking as it is exposed

As you can see, this is really a personal choice. There are advantages and disadvantages associated with having a clean cut penis but in the end, it is up to you (and your partner) to decide which way to go.

Religious reasons aside, a clean cut penis is more hygienic and easier to maintain, so to speak. On the flip side, the penis may become too sensitive without the foreskin and can hurt. So unless you are a masochist (or your partner is a sadist?), you may want think carefully.

Me? I’m scared of pain and prefer the “organic way”. But that’s just me.

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