How To Avoid The Perils Of Online Dating

Finding a ‘date’ has never been easier. The computer age has revolutionised even the way we think now about how we live our lives, yet because of it our lives are becoming more and more insular. With the arrival of social networking sites such as Twitter, facebook and Bebo, people are content to stay behind the comfort zone of their laptop rather than go out into the real world and talk to each other. Let’s be honest it, we lads were never that good at the face to face chat up lines, and you girls where sick of dancing round your handbags until the next looser came along. Oh yes, it’s easy to find a date in the 21st century online dating revolution, but finding and bringing it to completion are two completely separate things.

With so many people doing online dating these days, thankfully the old stigma has been laid to rest, and we are all ‘cool’ about the concept of searching through pictures and sometimes even reading the occasional profile. But why is it that as a product, the Dating sites themselves are embarrassed about the service that they provide? With something as important as helping people find potential partners for life, most of the sites stress that this matchmaking service is completely free. It is only after you have taken the trouble to put in your personal details and start looking round the site, that the messages appear. ‘Join now for £xxxx a month. ’To take advantage of this service, you need to be a full member,’ etc, etc.

If you saw a sign outside a supermarket saying ‘free food,’ would you be suspicious? Similarly if you bought an item from a shop would you be surprised if they actually asked you to pay? The truth is that both the dating sites and their ‘free users’ are fooling themselves because in this world you don’t get anything for nothing. So come on sites, let’s stop giving the industry a bad name and start being honest with the punters, and site users try to realise that the dating game is a service which you have to pay for, and rightly so.

People who are seriously using dating sites to find a partner have to realise that in general they would spend more on a couple of good bottles of wine, than 6 months membership of most dating agencies. The fact that they have no one to drink the wine with is nobody’s fault but their own if they use this mean approach to matchmaking.

Loneliness is a terrible thing, and the computer is an ideal way of meeting people for fun, friendship and even romance. But let’s be very clear about the way it works; you either put on your best clothes and go out and do it in the harsh real world or pay for the comfort of bringing the real world to you.

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