How To Kiss

There is not only one way to kiss. For a lot of people kissing comes naturally. Visualize that first kiss on your first date? Or the smooch on the playground that you received in high school. Maybe it was a little different for you, or maybe it was absolutely perfect. For some, that first kiss hasn’t yet been received, and maybe your wondering exactly how to kiss. Learning how to lip lock isn’t hard, and kissing is a perfectly normal way to display signs of affection. This post will show to you a few kissing tips to keep in mind before you plant your pucker for the first time.

It’s only obvious that good breath be the first on the agenda. There’s isn’t anything that could ruin the big kiss more than leaning in for the smooch only to find that you or your girlfriend has the most disgustingbreath on the face of the earth. If you are planning on smooching tonight make sure you brush your chompers well, definitely use some mouthwash, and plan on using a mint before and during your night out.

While you are getting ready for your romantic evening, you most likely aren’t even thinking about the appearance of your lips, however, no one wants to kiss crusty lips. Make sure you slap on some chapstick before your date. If you have extra chapped lips, perhaps you should buy some medicated lip balm and use it a few nights before the date. That way when the special time comes, you won’t be worried about your lips feeling like sandpaper.

If you havn’t had your first liplock yet, you may be wondering exactly how to do it. It’s all about positioning. During the evening you want to be as close to your girlfriend as you can, give hints that you want to kiss them and read their reactions. Once you are absolutely sure that they are cool with your motives, then you can move in for the kiss. If your girlfriend tilts their head to one side, then be sure to tilt yours to the other side before you move in to kiss. You definitely don’t want to bump their head during the ordeal. Once your heads are rotated, lean in slightly and make your lips
meet your partners. Linger for a few moments and pull away. Voila, your first kiss.

There are sure to be a few awkward moments after your first kiss. And that is perfectly normal. We all go through it. You’ll wonder how you did, how your breath smelt, were your lips soft, did your boyfriend like it. While these thoughts are trailing your head, they are most likely going through your girlfriends as well. You will know that your partner liked the smooch however, if they are smiling, giggling, or act as if they would like to kiss you again.

And that’s about it. Yeah, it was that easy. The art of the liplock is a fairly easy one. When you find yourself in a situation where you know you are about to kiss someone, you will see that the movements, the moment, comes naturally. Don’t try to hard, and just be yourself, remember these kissing tips and you’ll have your first kiss in no time.

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