How To Pick Up Women- Tips To Get Women Attracted To You

Trying to pick up women can be a very frustrating experience for a man. One one hand, it seems like it should be easy, as all you are doing is walking up to a woman and starting a conversation that leads to somewhere with her. And on the other hand, you probably have a lot of real world experience that says that it is not so easy to just walk up to a woman and pick her up. Some guys want to learn pick up skills so that they can become a player, and other men just want to confidently know that they can approach a woman they like and make her like them back. Whatever your desire is, there are quite a few tips that will make it a lot easier for you to be able to successfully pick up women.

Probably the most overlooked aspect of being able to pick up women, is having and adopting the right mindset. When you approach a woman with the right frame of mind, she is naturaly going to feel at least some kind of attraction towards you. And if you can keep yourself in the right frame of mind while escalating her attraction, then picking her up can actually be kind of simple and easy.

Don’t get too hung up on your past experiences with women. While you may not have had the success in the past that you wanted, you can change that right now. And in a short time, you can end up being the kind of guy who can walk into any bar or nightclub and walk out with a woman on your arm.

Here are a few tips on how to pick up women and get them attracted to You:

1) You have to look the role of a desirable guy.

Now, by this I don’t want to suggest that you need to go out and spend all of your money on clothes or become some kind of a metrosexual guy who is more worried about his hair than he is the score of a football game. What I will suggest is that you do your best to look as good as you can and try to appeal to the kind of woman you want to be able to attract. For example, you might not want to pull of a hip hop look if you are going to a country and western club to look for women.

2) You have to use eye contact to get yourself noticed at first.

You should make it a habit of being able to maintian eye contact with a woman before you make your approach, just to let her know you are there and that you are not the bashful type who is going to put his head to the ground. As long as it comes across as being natural and not like you are staring her down, this is a good way to make her feel some kind of a “pull” towards you.

3) You should never try to open a woman with a generic B movie level pick up line.

Want to turn a woman off as fast as you can? Then pull out one of those dated pick up lines that never worked in the first place and use it on her with honesty. Seriously, most pick up lines are worthless and the well known generic ones can do more to kill any attraction that she feels than it will do to build it. Of course, you need to open the conversation, just try to be a little original and less obvious about trying to pick her up.

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