How To Win Back An Ex Girlfriend You Haven’t Seen In A While

Every guy has that ex girlfriend from his past that he would love to be able to rekindle things with. If you have an ex girlfriend from your past that you have not seen in a while and you want to find a way to win her back, you are in luck. It’s actually a good thing that there has been some time since you have seen her, because that gives you the ability to really start things over, make it fresh again.

One of the hardest things to do in terms of getting back with an ex girlfriend, is to try and get over all of the past issues and things that happened. Since you are already coming from a place where there has been some time since the two of you have seen each other, it will be much easier to get past those issues than it would if the break up was much more recent.

I won’t say that it will be easy as pie to get back together, but it certainly will probably not be as hard as you think it is. They say that time can heal all wounds, and that is definitely true when it comes to romantic relationships.

Here’s how to win back an ex girlfriend you have not seen in a while:

1) Find a plausible reason to run into her again, one that seems realistic and not contrived.

You have to get back in her life somehow, so find a way to run into her again. Just be sure that it does not seem like it was staged. You don’t want her first reaction to be thinking along the lines of, “oh, he’s hoping to get back together.” You want that to kind of just happen. So, let’s say that she is a clerk in a store. Have a reason to go into that store and just start a conversation with her. Of course, she may not be a clerk in a store, but there is almost always some way to make it seem plausible that you would run into her by chance.

2) Talk to her like an old friend you are happy to see and toss in a little mild flirting.

When talking to an ex girlfriend you have not seen in a while, you want to treat her as more of an old friend at first and not so much like an ex lover. Do make sure that she knows that you are happy to see her though. The reason goes back to the fact that you don’t want to just seem like you are purposely running into her to get back together. Toss in a little flirting, but keep it mild so that there are some sparks, but not like you are desperate to get a date with her.

3) Cut the conversation short when it is on a high note, and get her phone number.

Getting a phone number from an ex girlfriend is the easiest thing to do, trust me. When the conversation is going really good and you can tell that she is really happy to see you and be talking with you, cut it short. Make a reason for why you have to leave and then ask for her number so you can continue to catch up. That way, you have a reason to talk to her later, you have her number, and when you leave it will be on a high note so she will look forward to talking to you again. From there, you can easily escalate things to where it becomes more like a dating thing again if that is what you want.

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