Internet Dating Etiquette – Dos And Don’ts Of Internet Dating

Much like traditional dating where you meet your date in person, there are also rules in terms of online dating websites. Internet dating etiquette is also important even in this era of modern technology. Because you cannot see your date in person does not necessarily mean you do not have to observe good manners.

Here are some essential dos and don’ts that every user of internet dating websites ought to know.

DO listen. It is very important concentrate on what the other person is saying. You do not want to seem like a self-centered person who wants nothing but to have someone listen to him talk about himself.

DON’T discriminate. When crafting your profile, don’t say “No Asians please” or “Only young people allowed.” If you only want to meet a certain type of people, you do not have to be discriminating about it. You can write something like I would like to meet Americans or Europeans who’re a similar age as me.” This would not make Asians and old people feel left out.

DO be polite. These days, it is very rare to find polite people online, especially among young online users. However, it is important to be polite particularly if it is your 1st meeting. You don’t have to be TOO well mannered in a formal way. Just do not say rude things that could offend the feelings of the other person. This is also true if you are communicating with people who come from different countries and have different culture.

DON’T discuss sex within your first meeting. Discussions about sex will happen later but in your initial few conversations, refrain from mentioning the topic. In the first place, you should not join a dating website for the sole purpose of wanting to have sex with someone. Talk about wholesome topics like hobbies, interests, profession, and so on.

DO be honest. Never ever lie about something about yourself. Don’t add a few inches to your height or deduct a few pounds from your weight to make sound like somebody who has the perfect body. There is no need to be too blunt about it and say that you are fat and short.

Online Dating etiquette is something that you need to discover more about before you decide to contact someone from your dating website. Doing these things will ensure a longer term relationship between you and your new online companion. To get started with internet dating you may want to try sites like Dating Direct, Friends Reunited Dating, EHarmony, Match and Match Affinity.

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