Reasons Why Arranged Marriages Can Still Be Effective

An arranged marriage is the type of marriage in which one of the partners to be is selected by neither of the husband nor the wife to be. The selection could be done by a friend or one’s parent or a family member. In Some cases, both bride and bridegroom are selected by both parents by simple agreement to marry their children to each other. At times, this arrangement is completed at an earlier stage in life as the children are growing. Arranged marriage could be prompted as a result of maintaining the type of relationship established by both families, or as a result of the family status or race as the case may be. This type of marriage could be seen as a tradition that transcend many generations in some cultures and therefore difficult to side track. Of which, parents who match- mate their daughter or son’s marriage into their own hands, have themselves been married by the same way. Many parents, and children accepted arranged marriage due to pressure from their community to conform to tradition, and in some cultures a love marriage or even courtship is considered a failure on the part of the parents as an inability to maintain control over their children. No matter how it may be seen in your own culture, arranged marriages can still be very effective in today’s world.

The effectiveness of arranged marriages could be seen in the following ways:

High standard of living:
Due to the processes parents observe before selecting or accepting a particular arranged proposal for their children, the parents of the bride or groom arrange the marriage that could even be of more better standard than theirs, hoping that their daughter or son will enjoy a higher standard of living.

High level of decency:
Arranged marriages maintain a high level of distinct decency when compared to love marriages, because courtship is either curtailed or even entirely absent.

Little or no pressure:
Arranged marriages might be associated with little or no pressure in reaching agreement to the match, as is exerted on by the parents in comparison to a love marriage where a parent can strongly refute a marriage. In order words, it is achieved in more peace and harmony.

In India, North America, and Japan precisely, and in some other countries where many families still have high values for arranged marriages with special regard to the type of job cum educational background of the would-be spouse, being educated and having good job therefore becomes the order of the day, thus improving the literacy level of the nation at large.

Arranged marriages command more respect than love marriages, because, the matched-mates founded by their parents will certainly respect her mother-in-law who found her and vice- versa.

Parenting style:
A parent can desiring the good virtues of another parent that live a life style worthy of emulation and trained their children the way they cherish, could arrange their son or daughter’s marriage based on life style and behavioral attributes.

Arranged marriages encourage immigration of a would- be spouse, especially, the bride. For instance, an European desiring a hybrid baby, might mandate a good friend who is always on business trip to, for instance, Africa or Asia thereabout, to use his or picture to select a spouse for him or her, and the spouse has to immigrate after the marriage has been accomplished.

Arranged marriages encourage inter-cultural and inter-social background marital relationship.

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