The Black? Divorce Problem

The African American neighborhood in America is dealing with a huge dilemma currently. Divorce rates of African American couples will be among the highest when compared to all other ethnic groups. All authorities who have studied divorce rates in the United States, say that they’re more unlikely to get married and more very likely to get divorced. Based on the Demographic Research studies of year 2003, divorce among black couples is more significant than it is among whites or Hispanic couples. The investigation demonstrates that 32 percent of African-American couples end up with divorce as compared with twenty one percent white couples and 22 percent Hispanics.

Although it is believed the reasons of the numbers are complex, Andrew Cherlin, a teacher of sociology at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, attempts to explain the issue: “Blacks are inclined to get divorced for the reason that, first of all they’re poorer, and poverty strains marriages, and second for the reason that African-American society places more weight on alliances to grandmothers, aunts, and other family members than does European-American culture, in comparison to the bonds involving spouses.”

The experts discovered that “70 percent of black women 1st marriages are going to end up in divorce, when only 47 % of white women marriages will fail.” Age, education and revenue are vital aspects in the stability of all marriages, in spite of race or ethnicity, however those factors definitely affect African-American couples a lot more than many others, according to the researchers and family specialists.

Divorce and marriage also play bigger monetary part for African-American teens versus white children in America and it is practically extinct in the black community today. A person born in the black community possesses a 70% chance of being born to an unmarried team.

What puts extra strain on African American married people would be that the female earns a lot more than the men in many instances, and she has more advantageous job tracks. As the head of a family unit goes, so goes a family. When the head of a family is a man who can’t pull his weight, in that case he tends to make the whole family vulnerable.

According to 2005 survey titled “The Consequences of Marriage for African Americans”, the African American community has attempted to integrate itself to mainstream American society. Regrettably, the black community’s chase for cash and material things has prompted them to dismiss the family and family morals.

The study additionally made several intriguing conclusions:

Marriage boosts the economic, social and psychological circumstances of African-American ladies and men.

1. Black men obtain more benefits from marriage than African American females.
2. Blacks obtain more financial benefit from marriage than whites.
3. Marriage provides essential benefits for black children.
4. Marriage is of no question beneficial for male children.
5. Black children seem to benefit greater from marriage with their parents than white children.
6. Black children appear to benefit much more from marriage with their mothers and fathers compared to white children.

The experts aren’t sure which could be done to improve the marriage or divorce rates for African Americans. They keep looking into and hoping the situation will change someday.

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