The Sorrows Of Young People. Strange Sexual Dysfunctions

The nature does not sit at a loose end and constantly invents new diseases that can ruin our only joy in life -a good sex. We are not born yesterday – We find the most unusual sexual problems and meet them fully armed.

A sexual disorder named for the Greek god Priapus. He was responsible for fertility and he was always depicted with the erected penis on the pictures. Suffering from priapism is approximately in the same state: he does not need any Viagra; penis is in a constant state of arousal.

Causes: blood disease, the consequences of sexually transmitted diseases, and improper methods of treatment, alcohol and drugs.

How to treat? If the erection lasts more than four hours you should immediately call the emergency services. Priapism has dangerous complications; the most unpleasant of them is amputation of the penis. Pseudoephedrine can help at an early stage. At the late one the problem is solved by surgery.

Sex addiction
Everything is more or less clear here: this sexual disorder means a manic obsession with sex. A person suffering from sexual addiction tends to go to any measures to get a pleasant dose of the flesh. In extreme cases the disease can develop into hypersexuality – a continuing need for genital stimulation.

Causes: a sexual disorder is caused by many factors. Hypersexuality usually occurs after a head trauma and mental illness.

How to treat. It is very difficult. Any addiction is a complex mental illness to determine the reasons of which you need to collect a medical consultation. Medicines and injections helps but strictly in certain cases.

Coital cephalalgia
It is also an unpleasant phenomenon. In short, the patient begins to experience a headache before the orgasm (orgasm during masturbation is also considered). The pain can last from several minutes to several days. Very bad in this illness is that men are forced to refuse sex under the pretext of a “headache”.

Causes: not revealed until now. However it revealed that 10% of men suffer from coital cephalalgia

Because of the improper treatment of erectile dysfunction. Complications can be, such as tumors and neuroses.

How to treat. The best treatment here is abstinence. Although it is said that physical exercises and losing weight also helps. In some cases it is recommended medications such as propranolol.

Instead of getting pleasure from sex you have a hell pain in the most inappropriate places. The only thing that can relieve your mind is that this sexual disorder is customary for women. Dispaureniya occurs very rarely at men.

Causes: infection and genital trauma, inflammation, cystitis. There are also psychological reasons – shame, anger or a feeling of insecurity does not promote a comfortable sexual intercourse.

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