Three Steps To Rid Yourself From Mr Wrong

For those who have a history of unsuccessful relationships it is not enough to simply avoid Mr. Wrong. You have to develop healthy relationship skills. A relationship with a man who’s not best for you is deep, dark, cold, and takes a very long time to get away from. You will spend months trying to figure out what went wrong and while you’re hung on him, he will have replaced you. If you continue to find yourself involved with unhealthy relationships, consider seeking outside help through counseling. In the meantime, read as numerous self-help books as you can and stay attached to an advisable woman.

In the end, your intuition is the closest friend with regards to identifying the men in your life. Your intuition is the fact that “gut feeling” your “inner alarm” that steers you from certain people, places, or things. Do not believe in emotions. They’re what got you connected with Mr. Wrong to begin with. Your feelings are the feelings that spring from your heart. Your intuition will keep you out of danger. Your emotions will convince you to go home with a man you don’t know. Trust your intuition, listen to your friends, and obey the little voice inside of you. After all, there aren’t many things in life that feel much better than self-respect, dignity, and pride. So stop wasting your time using the wrong man when Mr. Right is out there awaiting you to get a act together.

The first step

* Delete him from your email
* No more forwards
* Wipe him out of your hard disk
* Delete every file, photo, and saved message
* Empty your trash can of everything
* Do not “restore” him or even the relationship
* Delete his number

There is never a need to contact him via email, MySpace, or text. This can prevent the embarrassing late night drunk dials and sappy emails. In the current electronic age, the phone and computer really are a relationship addict’s tools of addiction. From here forward you should make use of your computer and phone inside a healthy way. Rely on them without abusing them.

Second step

Get connected. Visit a counselor or contact Al Anon. Al Anon meetings have the freedom and therefore are an excellent supply of support. Promise yourself, your loved ones, as well as your friends that you will not use your ‘tools of addiction’ to contact Mr. Wrong. Focus on staying associated with your family and friends and disconnected from Mr. Wrong.

Third step

Start today! Do not wait until you feel like you can do it. Simply take the initial step.

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