You Have Terrible Headaches. What Can Cause Them?

In order you not to torment the search engines with a query: “Why do I have a headache?” we found it all for you. For nine reasons why the head refuses to work and takes a sick leave.

1. Warm weather
When the temperature rises, the likelihood that soon you will start a migraine also appears. This is confirmed by the research: every time the temperature rises to 12 degrees Celsius, the chance to experience a headache is increased by 7,5%.

2. Strong odors
It’s still not clear why a strong and sharp smell do so with us (most likely it is the cause of excessive stimulation of the nervous system). But the fact remains: careful with the paint, sharp cologne and pollen.

3. Poor posture
To cause the hammers pounding in your head it is not necessarily to do abdominal crunches in the gym for an hour. It’s quite enough to sit at the desk in the office. If you stoop your shoulders, slouch, sit in a chair without a back or pinch the phone between the neck and shoulder, you should know, your head will be aching. Before drinking tablets organize your workspace correctly.

4. Physical activity
The strenuous exercises lead to the fact that the blood vessels in the head and neck swell – as a consequence, the pressure is growing and the head is in pain. The pain likely will hit you if you have a tendency to migraines. Be careful in bed – sex is also considered as a strenuous exercise.

5. Cheese
The substance tyramine is fault. It is formed by a cleavage of certain types of proteins. The longer the storage life of the product, the more tyramine it has. It is primarily concerned to parmesan cheese, brie, mozzarella and feta.
6. Red wine

And also some liquors. They also contain tyramine, and because alcohol increases the blood flow to the head, you can get a much more powerful effect. If it all happens, but you do want to drink a glass of port wine you should take a painkiller beforehand.

7. Caffeine
Caffeine is not harmful in small amounts. On the contrary, it even founds in many painkillers. But if you drink coffee with barrels the situation could worsen. Your head would ache after drinking, and when you decide to reduce the norm everything can get worse.

8. Hunger
You should take the food in time. And those who do not agree with it will suffer from a punishment in the form of thousands of ugly dwarfs piercing the skull. The cause of all is the lowering of blood sugar levels. Caramel and chocolate will not help. In this case the sugar will rise sharply.

9. Smoking
It goes without saying – nicotine constricts the blood vessels, blood ceases to flow to the brain. Anyone can tell you about it.

What should I do?
Take a massage. Probably it is the best way to cope with the stress, because of which, in general, all these causes of headaches happen. If it don’t help – do not despair, there are acupuncture, Buddhism, and mummies.
Walk. Fresh air, movement and dispersal of blood – that’s what you need now. Walking is recommended after eating for about 20 minutes.
Eat. Prefer products that combine proteins with complex carbohydrates (a perfect example is rice with chicken).
Take some painkillers. Do not overdo it and do not take drugs too often. If the headache is intermittent, you should see a doctor.

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