You Should Train Your Cells Of Your Body.

Your body can be damaged not only at the level of individual organs. We do not consist of the liver, kidneys and other offal, but primarily from cells: at the average a person has more than 100 000 000 000 000 (one hundred trillion) of them. When something goes wrong at the micro level, you start to get sick, aging and eventually leave for the world better than this. Here are four advices how to look after everything you built.

1. The organelles (permanent structures) called mitochondria perform a role of power station within each cell. It’s something like a battery in a car – if there is no charge, no one will go anywhere. The exercises written below will improve the productivity of your mitochondria by 56%.
Interval training stimulates the synthesis of coactivators PGC-1 – a protein, due to which your mitochondria work more efficiently. Alternating 60 seconds of cardio at 100% load with 75 seconds of workout relax. Count this as one repetition. Do 8 sets of 6 reps and perform this exercise during two weeks. You will become not only more energetic, but fit.

The mitochondria trigger the process of combating viruses that attack your body – whether it is acute diarrhea or hepatitis. Eat every day two eggs (boiled or poached). This will ensure that your daily requirement of selenium – an essential chemical building material, triggering an immune response. You can add corn bread toast with a slice of cheese for dinner to have the strong immunity.

2. The nervous tension, depression, change the structure of your DNA pretty much the same, as drugs do because of what the body begins to age prematurely. Chronic stress can shorten the life of 10 years – and it all happens at the cellular level.
Save this extra ten with sport’s help – it sounds corny, but it’s true. An hour of running, swimming or cycling will neutralize the effects of the stress. The researches showed that the effect is most pronounced when the heart rate reaches 60-70% of your maximum. For reference – the maximum is 200 beats per minute in 20 years and reduced by one year.
We advise you to drink tea. The simple drink lowers the stress hormone – cortisol. Three cups a day, extend the life of five years.

3. The duration of your life depends on processes within cells. Researches have shown that you can slow down the aging process very significantly, when looking after your telomeres (end parts of chromosomes). These participants protect chromosomes from wear, as well as plastic tips protect their laces.

20-minute set of consistently performed sit-ups, jumping, leg raises and abdominal crunches, 10 repetitions each. Such pressures increase the level of telomerase in the body – an enzyme necessary for the construction of telomeres.

Fuel oat flakes and cherry protect your cells, contributing to sleep. The lack of sleep leads to deterioration of telomeres. By the way, taking a multivitamin every day can also be very effective.

4. Cardiovascular disease is the most common cause of death of modern men.
Heart cells, like the rest, eventually updated. At the age of 50 years, a person has only 55% of birth heart cells, 45% are already new. If the process of replacing the cells slows down, the heart muscle will be weakened. Wait for a heart attack. Here are tips on how to keep a blow:
Try hypertrophic training workout, that is one in which the weight increases, while the number of repetitions decreases at each next lesson – such intense workouts build muscle, and, a cardiac muscle, too.

Have a bite after a workout with chicken and green vegetables – you need protein and antioxidants, there are many of them in these products.

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