Online Dating Research & Psychology

Online dating has become a trend that is getting more powerful as the years go by. Internet access is available at almost every household in the US making it easier for people who want to give online dating a try.

Online dating sites are sprouting everywhere, some are free and some charge a fee to its members. As much as we hear from them online we also see them on the news. There have been many different success stories but there have also been other not so successful.

Online dating has been the subject of research in order to determine what percentage of the population has signed up for it. They have also tried to research the percentage of success and failure and some have also tried to explore the psychological profile of the people that make use of these sites.

Some people tend to put a label on the online dating users; they might refer to them as being socially unfit or simple freaks. However this has been proven wrong by the data obtained in research. It was found that people who date online are more probable to be sociable and in many cases have a high self-esteem. It is definitely NOT the last resource of the freaks; most of the people that use these sites are simply busy or new in town.

There are many free online dating sites where people can fill out their personal information in order to attract possible dates. However researchers have found that a grand majority tend to lie in their information. This is nothing to be alarmed by because the lies tend to be quite small or harmless. It has been found that the lies are mostly in regards of age and height; after all they are trying to increase their chances of success. Serious online daters try to avoid saying big lies because ultimately they do want to meet up in person, therefore lying for example about your height will not be as noticeable as lying about your gender.

Researchers have also found that online daters like to tweak their profile picture in order to look a bit more attractive. Some remove some wrinkles others enhance the color of their hair. It was found that people that feel less physically attractive are the ones that tend to tweak their photo. However the difference hasn’t been as noticeable because as stated before all they want is to eventually meet in person.

It has also been found that in general, online daters tend to look for people that are similar to themselves. The old saying opposites attract might not be shown as true in the online dating world. An example observed were sports fans looking for a sports fan date.

Even though online dating is still quite new and the data about its success and failure might be a bit limited, it can be said that in the US around 42 percent of couples first met online and while in the UK this figure was 21 percent. Many out there will still not consider giving online dating a try but sooner or later they might change their mind.

Online Dating Tips For Meeting Someone Great

One thing to remember when it comes online dating is that it makes things easier, but it’s not going to do all the work for you. Some people mistakenly believe that once they sign up for an online dating website that somehow their perfect match will be hand delivered to them. You might be in for a rude awakening if you aren’t expecting to be patient with your online dating efforts because it might take a while just to make first contact with someone suitable. While it certainly saves a lot of time and gets rid of the need to dress up and go meet people in person, you can’t expect results by doing nothing. The good news is that you can improve your chances remarkably if you have patience and go into the situation with a level head. Here are some easy online dating tips to help you meet someone fantastic.

Never underestimate the importance of a good profile when it comes to your online endeavors. A lot of people think that if they fill in a few lines and slap on an old picture that somehow they’ll meet someone special. Remember that there’s quite a bit of competition out there, and the people who succeed are the ones who take the time to fill out their profiles with interesting information. You should also ensure that you have several pictures of yourself attached to your biography so people know what you actually look like. It’s no longer good enough these days to have a faceless profile because people are simply going to skip over your ad. Remember that spelling mistakes and grammar errors can kill interest pretty quickly, some double check your writing and proofread everything.

Remember that there can be a lot of competition for people who peak your interest. There are also those who are engaged in online dating who enjoy the attention more than the opportunity to enter a relationship. Eventually you will be able to recognize the people who will waste your time and those who actually want to go out on a date. Give yourself a break in your first month or so and just try to learn from your experiences. Nobody expects you to start off as an expert writer way, and it’s important to learn from your mistakes. It’s essential that you have reasonable expectations, and the worst thing you can do is to jump into any situation without using a healthy degree of caution.

Remember that the brunt of online dating happens through casual communication using e-mails and messaging. You will definitely boost your chances by following general rules of etiquette and being on your best behavior. It’s perfectly fine to be playful and flirty, but you should also use discretion when it comes to humor or talking about more sensitive matters. The main point of this initial stage is to get to the point where you’re comfortable enough to meet in person. Remember the journey doesn’t stop there! In fact when you finally meet face-to-face it’s just the beginning of a relationship so keep that in mind. Use what you’ve learned during your online communication but also research some first date tips to make sure you create the same type of chemistry in real life. Happy dating!

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3 Questions To Never Ask Your Girlfriend

I want you to know right off the bat, that I am going to write this article a little tongue in cheek. Meaning, there is going to be some humor in it. However, you would be surprised at how many guys do ask their girlfriends or girls that they want to get with really bad questions. You know, the kind of question that changes the course of the conversation completely and is an obvious turn off? That’s the kind of questions that you need to avoid like the plague!

So, here are 3 questions that you NEVER want to ask your girlfriend:

1. (About her best friend) Don’t you think that Audrey was looking HOT tonight?

Some guys will ask a question like this out of sheer stupidity. Others will do it to kind of explore what their girlfriend is going to say. Basically, they are hoping that she is going to say YES, and then say that she is totally open to having a threesome with her. Of course, that only happens in adult films and on college campuses, lol. Seriously though, most of the time… this is NOT the kind question that you need to be asking your girlfriend.

2. Those pants look TIGHT on you, have you put on any weight?

Now sometimes this gets said out of straight up ignorance but with good intentions. Like, when you are happy that she’s gotten a little thicker below the waist and you really think it looks good to you. Problem is, she hears that and it’s like you just called her fat in a very bad way. No matter how good your intentions are, and no matter how good you think she looks with a little more weight on, don’t ask that question!

3. I’m broke, can I borrow some money to go out and have fun?

Take your alpha male status and watch it drop in an instant if you ask this question. You are kind of putting her in the provider role when you do this, and that’s not a good thing. Not if you want to keep your alpha male status going in the relationship. That doesn’t mean you can’t take a little money if she offers it to you, but asking for an allowance is not a good thing for a man to do. Well, most of the time.

Oh, the trouble that some men get into with women, and it does not just apply to your girlfriend, but with any woman you want to get with, want to date, have a hook up with. You have to know how to talk to a woman the right way, without turning her off and asking the RIGHT questions, the kind that open her up and the kind that make her want YOU.

It’s important to know what NOT to say to a woman, but it’s just as important to learn how to talk to women and ask the RIGHT kinds of questions…

6 Killer Steps To Get Your Ex Back Now – How To Get Back With Your Ex Girlfriend With Little Effort

Had a break-up? Want to get your ex back now? Don’t worry, I will show you simple tactics on how to get back with your ex girlfriend after a breakup with little effort.

Trust and mutual understanding are the essence of any relationship to maintain the natural balance among the partners. At times, one partner may commit mistakes which in turn hurt the other emotions. This often lead to a break-up. How ever with some effort, patience and determination you can actually get your ex back now.

Know how to get back with your ex girlfriend with these 5 killer tactics? Read each and every point very carefully if you really want to get your ex back now.

1. Find The Reason For Your Break-up
Nothing happens without a reason. The first thing you need to do is to find out the main cause which lead to the break-up. Start pondering on sequence of events that happened in the last few months. Think what really went wrong? Once you have identified the reason, you could start straightening things up between you both.

2. Act Mature And React Appropriately
You got to be really strong at this moment if you want get your ex back now. You don’t need to act desperate. Begging, pleading or clinging is not going to work for you at this time. This will only prove you immature in front of your partner eyes.

Instead, this will further push your ex girlfriend away from you. Be calm, cool and patient. It’s not the right time to act that way. Show your ex that you are strong and happy. If it is really difficult for you, then have a private room to vent your feelings out.

3. Be Flexible And Don’t Get Influenced
You are doing good till now by being matured. Don’t ruin the chances of getting your ex back in the influence of your anger or pride. Always remember, there was something that lead both of you to lose the momentum in your relationship.

This may be due to the conflict of pride and anger between you both. Control your anger, be calm and listen to what your partner have to say. Being sympathetic towards your ex will help a lot in order to get your ex back now.

4. Give Enough Time To Both Of You For Realizing Things
Before you re-establish any kind of contact of contact with your ex, both you must had enough time to ponder things alone. Give you ex some time to think and realize what went wrong on her part. Refresh your thoughts. In the mean time, go out with your friends and have some fun. Try to work on your weak points and develop your personality.

5. How To Make Contact With Your Ex
It need not to be a date. You can text her a simple “hello” or “how are you?” to start. Tell her that you are really grateful to her and want to thank her in person. Think of a good reason before she calls you back or meet you. She will appreciate your honesty and also tell her you want to be friends.

6. Relive your moments
This is very important if you want to get your ex back now. Once you are friends with her, don’t discuss anything about the break-up thing. Always be there for her and bring back the old moments that made her happy. Be the person she fell in love with. Keep your patience, wait for an appropriate time before asking her out again.

What chances do you have now?
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5 Tips For Safer Online Dating

Dating Online could be entertaining however there are some things that its good to bear in mind so that you can keep safe and avoid wasting your time. It can be of use to know the workings of how dating online works and be aware of a few straightforward common sense things to help you be safe online.

1. Make use of a dating website with a good reputation
Firstly, its good to locate a website which is utilised by a good number of people. The more those that make use of the website the more broadly you’ll be spreading your net. Perform a search at first to determine if there is anyone on the site inside your region. If there is then it might be worth becoming a member.

2. Online dating is NOT like face-to-face dating
Bear in mind that everything is not at all times as it might appear. A photo on a profile does not ensure that the individual you might be opening talks with is the person in the photo. It can easily be an old photo, or worse a photograph of somebody else. When you have exchanged a number of messages with somebody thats of interest, it could be worth enquiring after further pictures or sooner or later to chat on the telephone. If you sense reluctance to speak or send further photos this should ring alarm bells. You could also progess to requesting you speak on a video meeting such as Skype. In this day and age, theres no defense for not having an affordable webcam and if a person is genuine about you they are going to be pleased to speak face to face. This would confirm they are who you think that they are.

3. Attempt to remain objective
Understand that chatting to someone online might invoke a wrong sense of emotions for someone. This is usually because of the fact that somebody will only show you what they want you to see on the web. You might see all the positive points and not one of the negative and are left thinking how you were ever so fortunate as to come across this hero or heroine. Remember that everyone has flaws but you only really get to realise these by arranging a face to face meeting and spending real time with that person. Set aside your judgement and don’t decide on anything prior to meeting them.

4. Free vs. free
There was a time that online dating websites charged a membership to facilitate you to look at other members profiles and/or transmit messages to other people. Over the past several years numerous free of charge online dating internet sites have started up. Most of the free online dating internet sites are very good though some lack in being very user friendly because they are poorly funded. The no cost sites usually are funded by use of advertising around the site. This is certainly not something to be fearful of but basically to know that the web site is without charge for you to use because advertisers are helping to pay for the site to operate. Paid dating sites stay alive because they require from their members a registration fee. Some of this fee goes into development of the dating website so as to develop the online dating service they provide. The very best guidance is to test both and see the one you prefer. There could be an case that needing to pay for the service might suggest you’re more sincere about dating. However, free of charge dating websites draw a much superior number of users due to the obvious fact that you just do not have to pay.

5. Your first meeting with your Internet Date
No matter if you hit upon a date on a paid or a free online dating website, ultimately you will want to organise a meeting. First of all, in no way get together with any person you have not at the very least chatted on the phone to. If possible, you will have, also, chatted on a video conference, for instance Skype. Always decide to meet up in a public place; a recreational area, a hotel bar or a cafe are all decent choices. Ensure you tell someone like an acquaintance or member of the family where you are going and who you are metting with from the online dating site. Phone them to let them know beforehand and following your date in order that they know you are okay. You might also want to make a time by which if you have not telephoned your friend could come looking for you.

How To Online Date: The 6 Most Common Mistakes Men Make In Online Dating.

Here are some of the top errors I see guys make in Online Dating

1) No picture.

This might be somewhat obvious. But having atleast one picture on your profile is absolutely nescesarry for success with online dating. The reason I bring it up is because it is such a horrible mistake to make. And I still see it a lot. If you have no picture then nobody is ever going to read your profile, no matter how awesome, wealthy cute and fantastic you and your profile might be.

2) Bad pictures.

Hold on to your Hat because I am about to dispel one of the biggest myths in online dating. Having good pictures to help out with your online dating venture does NOT come down to being handsome. When I say you need awesome pictures for your profile what I mean is have some pictures that showcase what you like. Have them be fun and make them stand out. Do not upload pictures of yourself infront of the living room mirror or you watching TV or being on the computer or something like this. Upload pictures of you doing something fun or active. It can literally be anything. Maybe a picture from Halloween or from a holiday where you for example are jumping in front of the Taj Mahal. Or maybe a picture of you hunting or doing some other hobby you enjoy. Heck, I honestly believe an average looking guy having a picture up of him playing DUNGEONS and DRAGONS (you heard me.) Will do him more good, than a more hot guy with a picture he took of himself in the mirror. Just make sure the pictures tell a story more than just “This is what I look like.”

3) Limiting yourself, or being limited by others.

Do not turn down people in your profile with warnings like no fatties even though you honestly do not want to date these people. Because it could just as easily turn away people who are not in this category. Also most online dating profiles lets you set what you are looking for in dating. Be that marriage or just a fling. What people put in this section is often random and most people who are just looking for a short term relaton will be open for a longer relationship if they meet the right person, and vice versa. So meet whoever you are interested in, and take things from there.

4) Sending too few messages.

I know a couple of people who register to a dating site thinking they will find their soul mate. So they search through lots and lots of profiles. Untill they find one that is awesome in every way. Then message her and wait for weeks for a reply untill they give up and repeat this cycle. First of all, online dating is somewhat of a numbers game. You will never getall women to reply to your message, no matter how awesome your profile and message is. Second, it is really hard to show who you truly are through a profile, and pictures do not always tell the truth. A girl who seemed boring and ugly on her profile, might be great and hot in real life, and the opposite can also be true obviously.

5)Being unoriginal.

If you have excactly the same things in your profile as 100 other guys, and the same type of profile picture, then obviously your chances are not high. Make sure you keep a fun and laid back tone in your dating profile, not just delivering your resume of Oh I work as a programmer and on my spare time I like to eat food and wine taste Remember. Stand out, and don’t take yourself or your profile too seriously.

6)Looking on the wrong dating site.

There are literally thousands of dating sites out there. If you are looking for something in particular then there is probably a dating site out there for you. Be that Asians or Christans Some sites will have many members in one area or country, whereas others sites might have less in that area, but more in otheres. Most sites are either free, or have a free trial, so try some around untill you find one that fits you.

If you are searching for more online dating tips then I suggest you check out this website How to online date , a website which contiously updates with new articles about the do’s and don’ts of online dating.

Phallosan Report Should You Buy Phallosan Extender

Phallosan is produced by making use of vacuum protector technology and traction an efficient orthopedic technique useful for increasing penile size and strengthening its shape.

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Find out and study as many articles on Phallosan as possible before buying the product. These reviews will give you a clue about the accurate gains obtained by users. You will discover that a lot of the reviews will speak about fast outcomes.

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The Most Effective Way To Owning A More Massive Manhood ? Discover Best Penile Enlarging Products Here

The best male enhancers products are always desired by guys but a lot of men are cautious when it comes to these products because they know little about it. In order to know whether penile enlarging products or methods really work, you need to know what they are and how they work in the first place. This article tells all.

As much as we want to have a large manhood by birth, it is not possible because of our genetic make-up but if you are really interested in making your manhood grow and avoid embarrassment from having a small manhood , then there are options for you to try which will help you grow inches on your penis.

Procedures / products available for penis enlargement are as follows:

i)Penis augmentation (surgery);
ii)Penis traction devices;
iii)Jelqing exercises;
iv)Penis enlargement patches and
v) Penis enlargement pills

All of these products have been tested and proven and you will know them better through reading the rest of this article.

i) Penis augmentation is enlarging the penis through surgery.

This method can increase either the girth or the length of your manhood. To increase the girth, fats are sucked form your body and then injected}put on the skin of the penis. This method has been improved that your manhood will not show any sign of the operation like uneven bulging and the likes. The surgery of increasing the length is done by dividing the ligaments in the penis. To make the effects of the surgery permanent you need to use a penis traction device for about four months after surgery for at least four hours daily. The surgery normally}usually takes 2 hours. This method is guaranteed to work but this procedure is also very expensive . It is also dangerous that is why you need to use the services of reputable surgeons in order to assure success.

ii) Penis traction device

This device may be used after a penis. augmentation operation but it can also help you in increasing your penis size without the use of surgery. This is a much safer and cost efficient product for penis enlargement than a penis augmentation. The basic principle that makes this device work is the “traction force” it outs in the penis which in effect will make the tissues in the penis increase in size.

iii) Jelqing exercise

These exercises use the same traction principle in increasing the penis size. You can find these exercises on the net. The most reliable sources are from membership sites where you pay certain membership fees to access to information as well as assistance in the exercise program. This method may get boring in the long run but it has been proven to be effective.

iv) Penis enlargement patches

Patches work by way of the so-called “Transdermal Technology”. Although this may sound complicated but it simply means delivery through the skin. When you stick a patch on your skin, the ingredients in the patch get absorbed through the skin and reach the blood stream pretty quickly.
The ingredients then work as a stimulant for the improvement of the blood circulation in the penis. The increase in the blood circulating in the penis makes the penis larger but this will wear off once you stopped using the patches. In order to make the effect permanent, try using a penis traction devise or jelqing exercise with the pills and patches.

v) Penis enlargement pills

Pills are different from patches in that you need to swallow them. Therefore, the best penis enlargement pills need to go through your digestive system before the ingredients can reach your blood stream where things start to happen.

As in the case of patches, the ingredients increase blood circulation , enhances the hardness of your penis and improves your sex drive too. But you can only get a permanent increase in penis size if you combine the pills with enlarging exercises.

Caution: You need to be vigilant in choosing penis pills or patches or even the best erection enhancers because there are a lot of fake products that may pose negative effects to the body. That’s why you may need to look into the author resource below for some highly recommended brands.