Dating Secrets For Men – Why Women Seem To Love To Play Games

You’ve gone out with a woman a couple of times, everything seems to be going along just as it should, and then suddenly… it seems like she is playing games with you. When that happens, it can make you begin to question just about everything that you know about women. It can drive you into feeling insecure around not just her, but other women as well. Every guy has been in this kind of situation before, if they haven’t- it’s because they just don’t have much of any dating experience at all. So, the question that most guys come to at some point is…why do women see to love to play games?

There can can be many, many different answers to this, really. Sometimes, when you think she is playing games with you, she’s really not. It’s just a misfire of communication between a man and a woman, something that happens all too frequently. Sometimes, she may just be testing you, to see how you handle yourself in a certain situation. Other times, it may be just because it’s her way of having fun. And the most dreaded possibility of all is– she might be one of those crazy chicks that guys get mixed up with and then end up getting burned big time.

When women play games with guys, it usually sends the guy into a little tizzy, making him think that maybe he must have done something wrong, or that he missed something somewhere. If you are the kind of guy that gets all frazzled in these kinds of situations, then you probably are not going to have the kind of success with women that you really want.

Why do women play games with men?

Like I said before, there can be MANY reasons. Including the fact that she is just not the kind of woman that can do a relationship, and there are many women like that out there. Many more than you might assume, even. If you think that a woman is playing games with you or just messing with your head, you need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

Is she normally rational and fun to be with, or does she seem like she has a lot of issues and you are just now starting to see it clearly? Attraction can blind a man to the truth, and many times a guy will fall for a girl with issues and not realize it until it is too late and he is caught up in her little web of craziness.

When that happens, you have to take a step back and determine which is better? To be one of the many singles looking for love or stuck in a relationship with a woman who is driving you absolutely crazy with her games?

Not every game is really that much of a reason to exclude a woman from dating, but sometimes you need to be able to see the real deal and not be blinded just by your attraction towards her.

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