How To Get An Ex Back – Make Your Move After Two Weeks

Getting your ex back requires patience. No matter whether you were the one who was dumped or the other way around, these things don’t happen overnight. A good news is that there are some things and tricks that can help you to get him or her back.

If you have just broke up make sure that you give a bit space to your ex, especially if you were the one who was dumped. They don’t want you to be around all the time begging to take you back. This is a surefire way to loose them forever. Instead, keep yourself busy during the next two weeks and try not to think about your ex too much.

One other important thing you should not to do is pouring out in Facebook everything about your break up and how terrible you feel about that. Instead of that, make sure to update to your profile that you are single now. If someone wants to share your sorrow tell them not to worry, it’s good to be a single again. Because your ex is going to be following your updates in Facebook you don’t want them to think that you are just sitting and waiting for them to take you back.

So, what else you are going to do during that two weeks? For women, spoil yourself, get your hair done and buy some new clothes that make you feel great, and most importantly, really butter your figure up. Also, go to gym and try to loose some water weight.

For guys, it is also essential to look good when meeting your ex. Gym is always a good idea. Also, girls like if you are fashionable. So, buy some new trendy clothes that are up-to-date.

When the time is ripe for bumping into your ex you contact him or her. It is better to send a text message than calling them. If they have left some stuff to your home the message could be something like this: “Hi, can you take your stuff today because I’m reorganizing my home and need some extra space.”

When you meet your ex try to be short, but at the same time a little bit flirty. However, don’t be too obvious. Because they haven’t seen you for a couple of weeks, you will notice whether they still have feelings for you or not.

A clear sign they still have some feelings for you is that they want to talk with you for a little while. You can talk with them awhile, but then pretend that you need to go somewhere, or you have some things to do. Chances are that you will get a phone call or a text message from your ex during that night.

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  1. Getting an ex back was really a terrible things for me to do. I remember my 5years boyfriend now. He once ask for a break up with me because she has already another girl. An you are right on what you have said above. It’s really effective! That was two years ago and now we are still going strong!


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