How To Online Date: The 6 Most Common Mistakes Men Make In Online Dating.

Here are some of the top errors I see guys make in Online Dating

1) No picture.

This might be somewhat obvious. But having atleast one picture on your profile is absolutely nescesarry for success with online dating. The reason I bring it up is because it is such a horrible mistake to make. And I still see it a lot. If you have no picture then nobody is ever going to read your profile, no matter how awesome, wealthy cute and fantastic you and your profile might be.

2) Bad pictures.

Hold on to your Hat because I am about to dispel one of the biggest myths in online dating. Having good pictures to help out with your online dating venture does NOT come down to being handsome. When I say you need awesome pictures for your profile what I mean is have some pictures that showcase what you like. Have them be fun and make them stand out. Do not upload pictures of yourself infront of the living room mirror or you watching TV or being on the computer or something like this. Upload pictures of you doing something fun or active. It can literally be anything. Maybe a picture from Halloween or from a holiday where you for example are jumping in front of the Taj Mahal. Or maybe a picture of you hunting or doing some other hobby you enjoy. Heck, I honestly believe an average looking guy having a picture up of him playing DUNGEONS and DRAGONS (you heard me.) Will do him more good, than a more hot guy with a picture he took of himself in the mirror. Just make sure the pictures tell a story more than just “This is what I look like.”

3) Limiting yourself, or being limited by others.

Do not turn down people in your profile with warnings like no fatties even though you honestly do not want to date these people. Because it could just as easily turn away people who are not in this category. Also most online dating profiles lets you set what you are looking for in dating. Be that marriage or just a fling. What people put in this section is often random and most people who are just looking for a short term relaton will be open for a longer relationship if they meet the right person, and vice versa. So meet whoever you are interested in, and take things from there.

4) Sending too few messages.

I know a couple of people who register to a dating site thinking they will find their soul mate. So they search through lots and lots of profiles. Untill they find one that is awesome in every way. Then message her and wait for weeks for a reply untill they give up and repeat this cycle. First of all, online dating is somewhat of a numbers game. You will never getall women to reply to your message, no matter how awesome your profile and message is. Second, it is really hard to show who you truly are through a profile, and pictures do not always tell the truth. A girl who seemed boring and ugly on her profile, might be great and hot in real life, and the opposite can also be true obviously.

5)Being unoriginal.

If you have excactly the same things in your profile as 100 other guys, and the same type of profile picture, then obviously your chances are not high. Make sure you keep a fun and laid back tone in your dating profile, not just delivering your resume of Oh I work as a programmer and on my spare time I like to eat food and wine taste Remember. Stand out, and don’t take yourself or your profile too seriously.

6)Looking on the wrong dating site.

There are literally thousands of dating sites out there. If you are looking for something in particular then there is probably a dating site out there for you. Be that Asians or Christans Some sites will have many members in one area or country, whereas others sites might have less in that area, but more in otheres. Most sites are either free, or have a free trial, so try some around untill you find one that fits you.

If you are searching for more online dating tips then I suggest you check out this website How to online date , a website which contiously updates with new articles about the do’s and don’ts of online dating.

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