How To Win Your Man Back

Winning back your boyfriend can be a daunting task. You need to have sufficient courage, patience, time and understanding to endure the pressures associated with saving a relationship. It’s even more difficult if your ex already has another girl to keep his attention and heart beating fast. If your heart still tells you to get him back despite the present state of affairs, it can still happen. It’s just going to take some time and effort and the following tips can help you along the way.

Assess yourself and the relationship

Are you capable of putting yourself back into the relationship and be a positive force? Can you identify what went wrong before? Did you have any destructive or negative tendencies that hampered the relationship? Were there things you could have done differently? Better? You also need to evaluate if your partner is also ready and willing to exert some effort to save your relationship. If the feeling is mutual, you have a good chance of salvaging your relationship.

Keep some distance

It’s usually better not to just come out and say that you want him back as that will make you appear needy and weak. Let time takes its course and hopefully he will be the one to realize that he needs you more than you need him. Most guys have this mentality that they want what they can’t or don’t have. They always need a challenge. So if you really want to get your ex-love back let him think you’ve gotten over him and make him wish that he never broke up with you in the first place. Always look your best and be positive. A beautiful, self-assured independent woman is always attractive to a man.

Focus on you

Do your best to make sure you’re always looking good and put together. Wouldn’t it be great for his friends to see you out somewhere, looking all happy and hot , hair and make-up done, cute little outfit. Can’t you imagine them going back to him and reporting how good you were looking? That’s sure to get him thinking. Maybe he made a mistake. Yes, you really do look good. Maybe he needs you back on his arm again.

Ok,and now what?

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Last, but certainly not least, ask yourself this very important question, “Do I really want him back?” The devotion and the commitment you express will help guide your decisions. If you notice that your efforts are uncompensated, perhaps you are not doing enough. Review your actions and feelings. Any action that you take reflects what is inside of you. If you don’t think you can win him back and if you don’t truly want to win him back, you won’t.

Remember – help is welcome to those who really want to change something, if you’re willing to do the necessary steps and whatever it takes, fifty percent from your work already done. Statistics show that 75% of relationship breakups could be avoid if women just would have thought to seek help to resolve the situation. Please don’t become one of the statistics.
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