Online Dating Research & Psychology

Online dating has become a trend that is getting more powerful as the years go by. Internet access is available at almost every household in the US making it easier for people who want to give online dating a try.

Online dating sites are sprouting everywhere, some are free and some charge a fee to its members. As much as we hear from them online we also see them on the news. There have been many different success stories but there have also been other not so successful.

Online dating has been the subject of research in order to determine what percentage of the population has signed up for it. They have also tried to research the percentage of success and failure and some have also tried to explore the psychological profile of the people that make use of these sites.

Some people tend to put a label on the online dating users; they might refer to them as being socially unfit or simple freaks. However this has been proven wrong by the data obtained in research. It was found that people who date online are more probable to be sociable and in many cases have a high self-esteem. It is definitely NOT the last resource of the freaks; most of the people that use these sites are simply busy or new in town.

There are many free online dating sites where people can fill out their personal information in order to attract possible dates. However researchers have found that a grand majority tend to lie in their information. This is nothing to be alarmed by because the lies tend to be quite small or harmless. It has been found that the lies are mostly in regards of age and height; after all they are trying to increase their chances of success. Serious online daters try to avoid saying big lies because ultimately they do want to meet up in person, therefore lying for example about your height will not be as noticeable as lying about your gender.

Researchers have also found that online daters like to tweak their profile picture in order to look a bit more attractive. Some remove some wrinkles others enhance the color of their hair. It was found that people that feel less physically attractive are the ones that tend to tweak their photo. However the difference hasn’t been as noticeable because as stated before all they want is to eventually meet in person.

It has also been found that in general, online daters tend to look for people that are similar to themselves. The old saying opposites attract might not be shown as true in the online dating world. An example observed were sports fans looking for a sports fan date.

Even though online dating is still quite new and the data about its success and failure might be a bit limited, it can be said that in the US around 42 percent of couples first met online and while in the UK this figure was 21 percent. Many out there will still not consider giving online dating a try but sooner or later they might change their mind.

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