Sneaky Way To Get Your Exgirlfriend To Want You Back

Wouldn’t it be cool if your ex actually wanted you back? Wouldn’t it make your job so much easier if you didn’t have to convince her to come back to you and she actually wanted you as much as you wanted her? This may sound crazy but it is a simple truth that without desire and motivation your exgirlfriend or exwife just isn’t going to decide one day that you said all the right things and that it makes sense logically for her to come back to you.

As you probably already know, women don’t make decisions like us guys. They don’t think logically and they are motivated more by emotions and feelings than us guys. Sure, she might tell you that she thought long and hard before breaking up with you and she might even have a list of reasons why she broke up with you but it really is her heart that made this decision… not her mind.

What You’re Gonna Do – What I want you to do is to back off for a bit. If you have been hammering your ex with contact and trying to convince her to come back to you by being nice or trying to talk things through with her she is probably pretty much through talking with you. Am I right? Every time you contact her you are killing your chances of getting her back, lowering your worth in her mind and heart and driving her further away.

Without even knowing it though, your contact and begging her for another chance is boosting her ego to epic proportions! So what, you say? You think that she is awesome? Well, nobody with any self worth hangs around and wants to spend time with someone that has rejected them. In addition, as her ego become inflated all the guys around her will start wondering “what’s up with this girl that her ex is going crazy over her… maybe I need to check her out more closely” and you don’t want that, do you?

And This Is Key – What backing off will do is create some mystery and leave your ex hanging a bit. No matter how much she might have complained about you calling her or contacting her or even if she screamed at you telling you that it was over, she will miss the contact and wonder what happened to you. Just like a curious cat, she will start nosing around to find out what you are up to and she will begin to miss you.

Once your ex is allowed a little bit of time to think about you and relive some fond memories that the two of you had while she has some alone time she will begin to miss you. This is natural human behavior and no matter how bad you think things were or how done she said that she is with you, she will begin to think fondly of you if you give her some time.

At this point she may or may not get back in touch with you again. This will be the moment of truth though and you might only have one chance at getting her back once the time is right and it is your job to make her feel passion and fuel that desire that will seal the deal. Will you know what to say and what to do to keep her from looking at you like a pathetic loser again? Do you have a plan for how you’re going to make her fall for you completely again. After all, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make her drink.

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