The Most Effective Way To Owning A More Massive Manhood ? Discover Best Penile Enlarging Products Here

The best male enhancers products are always desired by guys but a lot of men are cautious when it comes to these products because they know little about it. In order to know whether penile enlarging products or methods really work, you need to know what they are and how they work in the first place. This article tells all.

As much as we want to have a large manhood by birth, it is not possible because of our genetic make-up but if you are really interested in making your manhood grow and avoid embarrassment from having a small manhood , then there are options for you to try which will help you grow inches on your penis.

Procedures / products available for penis enlargement are as follows:

i)Penis augmentation (surgery);
ii)Penis traction devices;
iii)Jelqing exercises;
iv)Penis enlargement patches and
v) Penis enlargement pills

All of these products have been tested and proven and you will know them better through reading the rest of this article.

i) Penis augmentation is enlarging the penis through surgery.

This method can increase either the girth or the length of your manhood. To increase the girth, fats are sucked form your body and then injected}put on the skin of the penis. This method has been improved that your manhood will not show any sign of the operation like uneven bulging and the likes. The surgery of increasing the length is done by dividing the ligaments in the penis. To make the effects of the surgery permanent you need to use a penis traction device for about four months after surgery for at least four hours daily. The surgery normally}usually takes 2 hours. This method is guaranteed to work but this procedure is also very expensive . It is also dangerous that is why you need to use the services of reputable surgeons in order to assure success.

ii) Penis traction device

This device may be used after a penis. augmentation operation but it can also help you in increasing your penis size without the use of surgery. This is a much safer and cost efficient product for penis enlargement than a penis augmentation. The basic principle that makes this device work is the “traction force” it outs in the penis which in effect will make the tissues in the penis increase in size.

iii) Jelqing exercise

These exercises use the same traction principle in increasing the penis size. You can find these exercises on the net. The most reliable sources are from membership sites where you pay certain membership fees to access to information as well as assistance in the exercise program. This method may get boring in the long run but it has been proven to be effective.

iv) Penis enlargement patches

Patches work by way of the so-called “Transdermal Technology”. Although this may sound complicated but it simply means delivery through the skin. When you stick a patch on your skin, the ingredients in the patch get absorbed through the skin and reach the blood stream pretty quickly.
The ingredients then work as a stimulant for the improvement of the blood circulation in the penis. The increase in the blood circulating in the penis makes the penis larger but this will wear off once you stopped using the patches. In order to make the effect permanent, try using a penis traction devise or jelqing exercise with the pills and patches.

v) Penis enlargement pills

Pills are different from patches in that you need to swallow them. Therefore, the best penis enlargement pills need to go through your digestive system before the ingredients can reach your blood stream where things start to happen.

As in the case of patches, the ingredients increase blood circulation , enhances the hardness of your penis and improves your sex drive too. But you can only get a permanent increase in penis size if you combine the pills with enlarging exercises.

Caution: You need to be vigilant in choosing penis pills or patches or even the best erection enhancers because there are a lot of fake products that may pose negative effects to the body. That’s why you may need to look into the author resource below for some highly recommended brands.

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