Ways To Get Your Girlfriend Back Using Some Mind Blowing Tricks

If you’re reading this article, maybe you’ve suffered some emotional loss of somebody you love madly. Circumstances that led to the break up don’t matter now. Maybe something went wrong from your side or from her side. Whatever the reason was the point is that your relationship ended and now you are interested in getting your girlfriend back.

If you and your girlfriend have a long history with each other, there is at least some bonds between you two, and they don’t disappear just like that. In order to get your girlfriend back you need to find the ways how to maintain these bonds.

Here are four tips on how to get her back using that emotional connection:

1. Just after the break up, don’t be in any kind of contact with her.

You have to minimize all connections with you ex girlfriend because you need to let your, and her, emotions to level off. You don’t want to look pathetic while begging her in emotional condition to take you back. Also, there is one psychology why this can help you to get her back:

People lust for things they cannot get!

You should never forget this. Avoid becoming her emotional tampon and never let her heal by being before her eyes all the time. Collect bits and pieces of your life. Forget about her for a couple of weeks. However, welcome if she tries to get in touch with you.

2. In order to get your ex back you need to get rid of any neediness.

Being desperate and needy is a surefire way to loose your ex girlfriend forever. That is why you need to get rid of any neediness, or at least repress all such emotions. If you succeed in this, and prove her that you are able to continue your life also without her, she may start looking at you with new eyes. This tactic can be one of the most crucial factors in your task of getting her back.

3. Make your ex girlfriend jealous.

You can accomplish this in many ways. Along with first two methods it can really turn tables on her. However, you’d need insurance for this particular technique because any “overdose” will blow off any chances of you getting back to her for ever.

4. Being “emotionally charged” when having a date with your ex girlfriend.

At this point you may be thinking; how can I get her to go out with me when she usually doesn’t even answer to my text messages. However, this doesn’t have to be that hard if you know how to approach her.

So, allow me to explain as to what this concept of “emotionally charged” actually means. “Dinner and movie” type setting won’t work. Because, they’re really BORING! Select some secluded place and ask for re-union as you are feeling so “lonely” without her.

On the other hand, you can also make her remember how exciting and fun it was when you still were together. For example, take her to adventure, such as river rafting or rock-climbing. If she remembers what kind of adventure the life with you was, she may start considering of taking you back.

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