An Airtight Step-By-Step Plan To Win An Ex Girlfriend Back Rapidly

Break ups are always hard for people. This is especially true if you start to feel like it never should have happened. It could be that you realized you made a mistake, or maybe your significant other was the one who did the splitting and you never wanted to split at all. In either case, here is a step-by-step plan to win an ex girlfriend back if you still want her.

Tell Her You’re Sorry

This sounds simple, but can actually be shockingly difficult, especially for men seemingly. But it is necessary. If you did the breaking up, you of course have to apologize for leaving, breaking her heart, or whatever else you may have done at the time. If she was the initiator, then it means that in her mind you did something wrong. It doesn’t matter if you agree with this view or not, as the goal here is winning her heart back, not being right. If you do concede that you were wrong, this job becomes easier since you are aware of just what you need to apologize for and why you need to. If you don’t believe you did anything, you still have to figure out what she thinks you did and apologize anyway, as sincerely as possible. If nothing else be sincere about the fact that you are sorry for the fact that she was hurt, or that she misunderstood you, or that you didn’t mean to cause her pain.

Give Her Space

This can be one of the hardest parts of trying to get back a relationship, since your first thought and desire will be to stay around the other person. But almost all women hate desperate, needy men. And if you hang around her all the time even after being broken up and keep asking her to come back this is exactly how you will come off. Also, remember that she needs time to collect her own feelings too. This isn’t to say that you have to completely ignore her, but sending 10 texts per day is certainly unnecessary. Keep in contact with her, but go about your own business first. She has to see that you are still confident, collected, and capable before she will have any feelings for you again. You might even go on a couple dates with other girls to prove that you are not clinging to her. Just don’t overdo this part or you may make her think you never cared about her at all.

Let Her Decide

The most important part of winning an ex back is to let her decide to come to you. She has to really want to be with you again. Try to remember all the things you used to do when you were first trying to impress her. Did she like that special cologne you bought? Was she attracted to you for always being chivalrous? Start putting yourself back in this stage, making her remember everything she loved about you. Keep in mind that you are basically going through the same process, winning her attraction. It is even more difficult this time, though, because instead of starting with a blank slate you already have a bad impression to erase. This is most true if she was the one who broke up with you, but even in the opposite case she has been hurt by the breakup and may be reluctant to come back, even if she didn’t want to break up.

This is a good step-by-step plan on how to win an ex back. It will take some effort and patience, but it will almost always pay off in the end.

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