Common Relationship Problems And Quick Fixes

Relationship Problems, Why Do They Appear

How do problems appear, in a relationship where the partners love each other so much? When the two of you have met, everything was so exciting. Remember those days when you used to see each other frequently, had fun and still couldn’t wait for the next date?

In the beginning it’s next to impossible to restrain yourself from seeing her, I know. Because of this, mystery soon disappears, and things start to get a little boring and routinely. Not only that, but you get so much into each other’s lives that it can become uncomfortable. Partners start to change and love begins to fade.

Become Irresistible To Her Again

She usually starts loosing interest in you because you have changed towards her. When she met you, you were different. You were very attractive because you did the right things and acted the right way. You were the man and swept her off her feet.

You have to become that man again. It’s easy to do when you know what are those exact attractive traits. You can learn these attractive traits from the “Irresistible Male” handbook. I highly recommend this FREE e-book. You can find the download link at the end of the article.

Emotional Neediness

This is one of the core problems relationships face. When you become emotionally needy you show insecurity and low self esteem. Both of these make you look weak. A weak man is very unattractive.

When your happiness relies on her mood, you are needy. When you’re needy she has all the power. She can break you very easily. When you become emotionally needy, you star doing things like:
– call her 100 times a day
– get upset or mad when she doesn’t call
– depend on her to make your life fun
– you apologize a lot for silly things
– you are scared to lose her so much that you would put up with the crap she gives you

How To Stop Being An Emotional Needy Boyfriend

Being emotionally needy is hard. It’s painful and can break your spirit pretty fast. You can break free from this feeling easily if only you just saw things in a different light. The funny thing about this is this: the more you try to pull her closer the more she’ll try to pull away.

At the beginning of the relationship you weren’t needy. Because you acted like there was no way in the world to lose her. Adopt this mindset and you’ll do wonders for your relationship.

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