Flirting Tips For Guys – How To Make A Woman Become Attracted To You

Imagine yourself in a bar or a night club and the moment you spot a sexy and beautiful woman, you walk right on over to her and start flirting, and the next thing you know- it’s obvious that she is becoming attracted to you. You can see her smile and hang on your every word and she’s sending you lots of clear signals that she is glad she met you. How would you like this to be what your experiences with women are really like?

Here are some flirting tips for guys that will make women start to become attracted to You:

1. Open her with a line that does not sound like your typical generic pick up line.

You have to start a conversation with her, so you do need some kind of a line to do this, just be sure that you try and stay away from the typical pick up line you hear in one of those bad movies. Yeah, sometimes a generic line will work, but it’s not really all that efficient. It’s way more of a hit or miss kind of thing. When you use something that sounds much more natural, you take away that natural defense that most women have when it comes to being picked up.

2. Flatter her a little but not too much. Compliments mean more when they are used sparingly.

Don’t be that guy that just runs off one compliment after another, hoping that you will flatter her to the point where she feels obligated to show you some affection. Compliments always mean so much more when they are used sparingly and they seem to actually come from a ‘real’ place. When most men try and compliment a woman, it comes across as being contrived, all part of a plan to try and win her over. You want it to seem real to her.

3. Don’t just use conversation to try and build attraction, use physical touch as well.

If all that you try and do is talk up a woman, your chances of making her feel real attraction, the kind that leads to much more intimate things isn’t all that great. You want to initiate physical touch with a woman so that things begin to progress naturally to something more. After all, you probably are not flirting with a woman just to make her smile. You are probably hoping that something more comes out of it, right?

Are these the only 3 flirting tips for men that you will ever need to know? Probably not. However, they should give you a push in the right direction and once you start getting more and more time in flirting with women, you will be able to really see what works, what fits your style, and what seems to be getting you dates with women. After all, that is what you are really after, right? Dates with women? GO ahead and flirt as much as you can.

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