Free Dating Web Site With A Difference

This is a short review of – a brand new and totally free dating and contact website.

Unlike the many commercial dating sites on the net at the moment has been designed to be a refreshing change and i feel that they have done the job well.

The most important difference is that this site operates more like a social networking site rather than a conventional dating site, they use a very facebook-like interface and they have stripped out all of the pointless and expensive extras like compatibility systems because let’s be honest – the only way to find out if you are compatible with someone is to talk to them!!

The site boasts a free video chartroom for its members, if that’s the sort of thing that you’re into ;) but that being said they advise against indecency.
Like other dating sites you have a profile page where you are able to upload a photo of yourself and leave a short description about who you are and what you are looking for.

The search facility works well and can be refined to show exactly what you are looking for once you get to grips with it.

Another point to note is, that as of yet have not tried to emerge in foreign markets and only hold profiles from members in the united kingdom which is great news if you are from the uk but pointless filling out the sign up form if you’re not!

They have implemented a “real-time” mail system on this site that I did finds quite useful as you get a notification of new messages as they come in unlike some of the bigger sites that only send notifications every other day.
The most obvious appeal of Justcontacts is that there are no subscriptions or upgrades to extra feature packages and you will never need to pay for some lame clipart bunch of flowers to send to someone.

The web site pays for its keep by displaying adverts from other sites and to be fair the developers have done well to keep these ads from becoming intrusive and spoiling the overall visual design of the site.

The only downside to this site that i have found so far is that due to it only just going live the male to female ratio isn’t as equal as it perhaps will be in a few weeks time.

My final conclusion is that in a corrupt world it’s nice to find a website that tries its hardest to be honest in what they do – the truth is that online dating is simply a platform where they connect you with likeminded people and it seems that was actualy created to help people find each other not to rip people off.

If you’re looking for free online dating then give them a try

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