Get Your Ex Back – Making Him See The Error In His Ways

Do you wish that you could just smack your ex upside his head and make him see what a huge mistake he is making by breaking up with you? Maybe it’s another woman that has stolen him away from you or you did mess up a little bit. But you don’t deserve to have him dump you. You weren’t that bad and you know that someday he will see this.

In the meantime though, your heart is breaking and you wish you could just snap him out of this stuff. You wish that you could talk some sense into him. You wish that he would just change his mind and show up at your door saying that he made a mistake. But every day he only grows more distant and more angry with you as you try to fix things or make things better between the two of you.

Is He Stubborn? – Just remember that most men are pretty stubborn when it comes to… well, anything! But especially after a breakup a guy will usually really dig his heels in and refuse to listen to reason. It doesn’t matter how many times you apologize or how many solutions you come up with for whatever his major complaint was after your breakup. He is just being stubborn.

Now, while his stubbornness might drive you crazy right now there is another way to look at it. He is dedicated to his convictions and that is something that you can appreciate. It is a matter of using that male stubbornness and his inherent maleness to get him back. It is a matter of knowing how guys think and figuring out what you can do to get him to react the way that you want.

Is He Acting Childish? – Think of your ex this way… think of him like a big boy. Think of him like the little boys you see in the grocery store who throw themself on the ground, kicking and screaming when they don’t get their way. Often the parent has two choices. Either they can make a scene and threaten the child hoping to scare the child into behaving. Or the parent can act mature and just walk away which often causes the child to get up and begin bargaining with the parent in hopes of getting his way.

Your ex is no different than a little boy. Right now he is throwing a fit and acting irrationally. The best thing that you can do until he calms down and gets his wits about him is to try to ignore his childish behavior and continue on with your life. Ignoring the behavior often removes the power and once your ex realizes that he doesn’t have any power in the relationship he will begin to calm down.

While this is a bit of a simplistic example of how your ex is behaving and why there are some very powerful similarities between little boys and your ex these days. I am sure that you would agree. But the biggest one is that being male they both are driven by their testosterone fed egos and male induced behavior. There are ways that you can use this to your advantage to take control of the whole breakup and work things in your favor.

Once you understand how men and little boys work it is rather easy to manipulate and control a situation, whether it be a little boy at a grocery store or your ex being unreasonable and stubborn about getting back together. The same emotions that he felt when the two of you first fell in love are still there. It is up to you to bring those emotions to the surface and take control of your relationship before it’s too late. You might feel like quitting at times and you might feel that enough is enough but with some understanding and careful planning it is absolutely possible to get your ex back both quickly and easily.

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