How To Approach Women – Is It Really That Hard To Approach A Woman?

If I were to make a list of all of the things that men commonly struggle with in terms of attracting and dating women, the ability to be able to approach a woman, have complete confidence in themselves and make a good impression, would certainly be in the top 5. One of the things that has always kind of surprised me is, how so may guys who you would assume would have no problems at all with this, count approaching a woman as the one area that they really feel like they need to be able to get handled.

Remember back when you were younger and all your friends would have to kind of pump you up to go and talk to a girl you really liked? Well, what happens when you get a little older, and you don’t have anyone to help you get pumped up? Do you just let a beautiful woman walk out of your life before you even get the chance to meet her, exchange names and phone numbers or get to go on a date with her?

Is it really that hard to approach a woman?

The answer is YES if you allow yourself to get nerve racked thinking about it. Or if you allow yourself to make it seem like she must be out of your league and that there is no hope for a guy like you to be able to get any kind of good attention from her. Now, if you are able to get that under control, tell yourself the TRUTH, that you probably DO have a good chance of at least making a good impression and having some chemistry with her… the approach no longer seems to be something to think about.

It’s all in your mind!

Of course, I am not going to feed you any pseudo self help talk and say that you can literally approach any woman you want and be able to win her over. There’s a good chance that if you were to try and approach a hottie like Megan Fox, then you really don’t stand much of a chance. That’s okay, you are only human. However, if your goal is to be able to go out to your local clubs and bars and be able to approach women without feeling like the only outcome is that you are going to get shot down, then that is definitely something that you can do.

So, is it really that hard to approach a woman?

Not so much, when you think about it. It’s actually gaining control of your own mind, not allowing yourself to be talked out of it, or not allowing yourself to feel like rejection is the only possible outcome. Once you get past this hard part of being able to let yourself walk up to a woman you want to get to know without all of the negative thoughts and self talk, approaching women doesn’t seem so bad after all. And with the right techniques, you are practically assured that she will feel some attraction towards you.

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