How To Get A Girlfriend – Traditional Advice Just Doesn’t Always Work

Guys get hit with traditional tips on how to get a girlfriend all of the time. They get taught these things from a young age, whether it is from their family members, books that they read, or by listening to experts on television. So, they assume that this is the most effective way of how to get a girlfriend and then they head out into the world and try to use that advice to actually land themselves a girlfriend and they find out the cold, hard truth. Traditional dating advice for men just isn’t all that effective. And it seems to get less and less effective with each passing year.

All Women Want is a Nice Guy…

This is probably one of the first pieces of advice that guys get when it comes to dating. They get taught that all women want to have a nice guy and that if they just are really polite and really nice, eventually they will end up landing the perfect woman for them. Just take a look at the fairy tales that we watch when we are young. The nicest guy always ends up getting the princess, right? Well, that’s not always the case in the real world.

Some women want the bad boy and acting nice is only going to land you in the friend zone. And even the women that do want a nice guy, they don’t want a guy who acts too nice. When you act too nice to a woman you have just met, it usually comes across as being unnatural or fake. Most women read this as being an act that a guy is putting on just to try and get something from her.

Give Her What She Wants and She Will Be Yours…

This is another one of those cliche tips that guys get fed and so when they meet a woman they like, their first instinct is to try and give her things to win her over. You see it all of the time in bars and clubs. Guy walks up to a woman and immediately offers to buy her a drink. On a first date, if a guy wants to really impress a woman, he’ll usually tap out his bank account and splurge on her just to try and win her over.

Problem is, this is another thing that usually just seems to be unnatural and makes it look like you are trying to buy her off. What’s a woman to think if on the first date, you are shelling out money left and right to try and impress her? Either she will think that you are trying to hard to impress her, or she will think that you are trying to spend a lot of money so that she has to hook up with you.

What’s Better Than Traditional Advice?

That’s an easy answer. When you focus instead of connecting with a woman, with making her feel naturally attracted to you, you will get a lot further than if you follow the traditional dating advice for men. It’s a lot easier to get a girlfriend when you know how to make her want you without having to put on an act or shell out all of your hard earned money. And it’s a LOT more effective as well.

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