How To Get Dates With Women – What You Need To Do To Turn Things Around

Whenever you get in a rut, it can seem like it is hard to turn things around. So, if dating is one of those areas of your life that you feel is in a rut, then pay attention. This is one area that most men find to be quite difficult to turn around, yet it does not have to be that way at all. Now, I know, if it’s been a while since you have seen any success with women that can seem a little unrealistic. However, when you get your head wrapped around a few simple concepts, you can see an almost immediate change in your dating life.

How do you get dates with women?

One of the biggest problems we face as men when it comes to dating is, no one really ever teaches us what works and what does not. We are basically left to fend for ourselves, and to do this, it takes a lot of trial and error which means a lot of rejection before you get it right. Think about it. Did you ever have anyone sit you down and tell you, hey, this is what women respond to?

Probably not.

Even if you did, it was probably along the lines of, just be yourself and the right woman will come along. Well, what if you are TIRED of waiting for the right girl to just come along? What if you want to DO something about it right now?

What do you NEED to do to TURN things around right away…

One of the biggest switches that you can make right away, is to just decide that you WILL get this part of your life handled and that you will not sit around and just wait for the right woman to walk your way. That alone will make a huge shift, because the honest truth is… most guys are complacent about their dating life. They just hope that one day they get it right or that somehow serendipity takes care of things.

One of the key concepts that you really need to get down is the simple fact that attraction does not happen because of logical reasoning. I mean, when a woman takes a look at a guy and feels attracted to him, it’s not because he is the best choice that she can make, it’s just because she FEELS attraction. Take that in, because it goes against the grain of that idea that just being nice means that you will get the girl.

Another key concept to take in is to realize that alpha males will always do better with women, and that you don’t have to be a jock or a jerk to be an alp male. Just showing a few key alpha male traits can be more than enough to make a woman see you as being the kind of guys she wants to be with.

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