How To Seduce Women – Does This Happen To You?

You feel like you have gotten your confidence up to the point where you should have no problems at all walking up to a woman and making a lasting impression on her. You’ve memorized a few lines that are supposed to be proven and you even have a few routines to fall back on just in case one does not work, you have others to bring into the mix. So, you head out for the night, pretty amped up about your chances of being able to sweet talk and seduce a woman into bed with you. And then it happens.

The proven lines that are supposed to work on any woman you approach don’t seem to have much of an effect at all. The routines that are supposed to be original and effective are causing women to walk away from you, not wanting to have any more to do with you at all. Now, your confidence which had been stronger than ever is free falling and you don’t know how to bring it back or what to do from there. All you can think of is that it’s just going to be another night where you end up going home alone.

What happened?

Well, for starters, most proven lines that you read on the internet are anything but proven. Many times, they are just thought up by some guy writing out things that he *thinks* will be effective on all women. Or, if they did ‘work’ all it actually got him was a little bit of flirting, maybe a phone number but nothing more than that. And most routines that guys learn with the hopes of seducing women will not work on most women. And even if they did, they are used by enough guys that any woman you try them on probably has already seen it and heard it before.

What should you be doing instead?

Instead of being focused on pick up lines to seduce a woman or using routines that are supposed to be effective, why not instead learn how to use natural techniques to create rapport with a woman. When you come across as being totally natural, you are a lot less likely to look like just another guy hitting the clubs and bars looking to get lucky. You come across as a guy who just knows how to talk to women, a guy who women want to gravitate towards.

The game changes and you need to change with it.

A few years ago, there were a lot of lines and routines that you could have copied that would have been somewhat effective because most of the women you would have come across would not have seen or heard them before. Then, the internet exploded and those original lines and routines got passed around. Guys started using them left and right and women got wise to this.

Naturals don’t have to worry about being busted.

When you naturally build up the skills to pick up and seduce women, you don’t have to worry about being busted for using a line that lots of guys use. You don’t have to worry about using a routine that is straight out of a movie and get a lot of heat for it. You can just have an effect on women that causes them to feel naturally attracted to you and escalate that attraction to where she wants to have a little fun with you.

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