Methods To Properly Clean Your Sex Toys Based On Materials

If you are going to share your adult toy with a partner, then it is highly recommended to utilize a condom to prevent the spread of various bacteria in addition to proper cleaner. When you first get your adult toy, you have to be sure that you clean it before the use. Besides, you need to check your adult toys to be sure that there are no rips in the rubber, silicon or jelly. You have to look over glass and hard plastic sex toys to be sure that there are no cracks. You have to know that cracks on the product could absorb different bacteria and cannot be cleaned in the proper way.

– Sex toys made of jelly or rubber

You have to know that sex toys that are made of jelly or rubber are porous and may trap various bacteria and dirt. You can clean these sex toys with a anti-bacterial soap and water. However, you have to remember that if you are going to utilize anti-bacterial soap you need to make sure that the soap is gone completely from the product to prevent irritation to your skin or any damages to the toy.

In fact, there are a lot of different adult toy cleaners out there that are recommended to be utilized. These cleaners are made specifically to clean adult toys. However, if you want to ensure the utmost safety, it is highly recommended to use a condom while playing with these toys.

– Adult toys that are made of silicone

Products that are made of silicone are not porous. This means that they do not tap any bacteria as jelly or rubber or jelly toys. In this case it is recommended to use anti-bacterial soap and water or toy cleaner to clean them. Silicone sex toys that do not contain any electrical systems or are not battery operated could be easily boiled for about two minutes.

– Adult toys that are made of acrylic or hard plastic

In the case of such sex toys, you can easily utilize sex toy cleaner or anti-bacterial soap and water.

– Adult toys that are made of stainless steel, glass or Pyrex

If you are utilizing adult toys that are made of these materials, then it is recommended to use adult toy cleaners or just wash them with anti-bacterial soap and water. As well, they could be boiled. Sex toys that are made of Pyrex pr glass could be placed into the dishwasher, but only if they do not contain any battery compartments or electrical systems.

There is no matter what material your sex toy is made of, you have to make sure that you store it in a dry and cool area. Besides, it is necessary to avoid any direct sunlight as well as always remove the batteries before storing.

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