Seduction Tips For Men – Can You Be Too Much Of An Alpha Male?

If you have ever ready ANY dating and seduction advice geared towards men, then you have no doubt come across the term alpha male over and over again. Alpha males are the ones who get the girls, so everyone wants to know how to be an alpha male. What does not get talked about much is, the fact that you can go a little overboard with this and become too much of an alpha male. And that can make it a little harder for you to attract and seduce women.


Because when you go overboard and try way too hard to be seen as an alpha male, you will almost always come across as more of an arrogant jerk than anything else. I have a friend who got caught up in this kind of thinking a few years ago and before you knew it, pretty much no one wanted to hang out with him and his success with women went WAY down.

Most women just thought he was kind of a jerk more than anything else.

Women love men with confidence. They love men who are secure with themselves because that makes them feel secure. However, when you are too arrogant, too cocky and just come off as being a jerk, suddenly they feel insecure. And if a woman feels insecure with you, chances are… she won’t want to be around you.

The other big problem that you will run into is that guys won’t like you. Now, you might be scratching your head and wondering why it matters if guys won’t like you. Well, most women have male friends. And if you are going out to clubs and bars and engaging with women who came out with their friends, a lot of the time there will be a guy in the group.

If he doesn’t like you, chances are he can find a way to shut you down. Not only that, but you need to be able to bond with other guys once in a while and even go out together to get women and if you are too much of an alpha male, you will be too competitive and end up making a situation where none of your buddies wants to hang out anymore.

You don’t have to be competitive with other men to get the girl.

When you are a real alpha male, you don’t have to be so competitive to get the girl. If she has a guy friend that she came out with, he will like you and not try to shut you down. And that is much easier than feeling like you have to compete with every guy in order to be seen as dominant or to be the alpha male. Real alpha males know how to seduce women without having to be overly competitive.

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