Vital Advice How To Travel With Your Sex Toys

You have to be ready to take a trip of your dreams whether it is your honeymoon or just a spring break. One thing that you obviously have to know is that you will not leave without your sex toy. If you want this vacation to be really relaxing, then you need to take your sex toy with you. These days, some women are afraid of having their bags checked and their dildos laid open for the public inspection. But, if you are quite careful and follow the advice described below, you have to be perfectly fine to travel with that toy.

For the beginning, while traveling with your sex toy you need to be sure that you remove batteries if this is possible to do. Some dildos have rechargeable batteries and it is necessary to make sure that it is turned off. This is necessary to do since it can not just waste your batteries, but as well draw a lot of unneeded attention to your luggage when it is vibrating. In addition, it is necessary to know that the security checks different electronic items, including ones with batteries are detected. Even if your sex toy is by no means a threat to the security, it could be means for having your baggage checked. And thus, you have to take out all the batteries and store them away.

A great travel case for your sex toy is a must nowadays. That way you will not only protect your toy from any damages, but as well cases may keep your personal things hidden from the eyes of a stranger. Today you could find such cases in any sex toys store on the internet. Usually, they come in a great variety of sizes and colors. You can easily find one that fits your dildo and leaving enough space to move around. Probably the best thing about these cases is that they can be used when you are not traveling as a means of storing your sex toy in a discreet place. If you cannot find the proper sex toy case or you are leaving for the last minute trip and must take your dildo with you, then you could wrap it up into a T-shirt or a pair of socks.

Probably the best advice for you while traveling with your sex toy is to pack it in your checked luggage. That way you will eliminate a lot of embarrassment if by chance they decide to check your baggage because of detection of batteries or just because the bags are vibrating. Probably you will agree that it is one thing that the security finds a small bullet and absolutely another thing it someone finds your sex toy.

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