A True Definition Of Love !

Before i say anything about love i should say that it is something that everyone knows about. But still it is something that has always been a hot topic to discuss. Even when everyone knows wha is love it is very difficult to give a proper definition to love. Truthfully speaking, giving a proper definition to love is almost impossible. Because you will be able to understand it properly as your feelings would always keep changing when you would see that different people have different mindset about the definition of love. Different people take love differently. If you ask thousand people about what is love you would surely receive thousand different answers to your question. So giving a proper definition of love becomes almost impossible. But careful understanding of all different views would certainly help you create at least your very own unique definition of love.

Although it is very impossible to give a proper definition of love, we can certainly understand what love is all about depending on what most people feel about it. Love is certainly a unique feeling that is unique for everyone. Love is actually a unique interest in someone. This interest may be just for anything you are interested in. But feeling an interest in someone you like, is something that may once prove to be your true love. Actually feeling an interest in someone creates a connection with that person. If this interest increases gradually, this interest would certainly become your true love at a certain point of time. But when your interest would become your love is difficult to say. Because for different people, it is different. Some fall in love very easily while some take a little long time to understand their feelings of love. But in whatever ways your love starts, it is sure that you would feel love for someone only if you feel an interest in that person. So if you don’t feel interest in any person, it can easily be said that you will never fall in love with anyone.

Although it is very much impossible that becoming a person who does not feel any interest in anyone is absolutely impossible, there are people like this in this world. Ultimately we are human beings. So we have to act like a human being. I don’t believe that there is anyone in this entire world, who does not feel interest or love in anything. It is nature of human beings. So love will never leave us. It will always exist in this world and help us feel interest in others. So an absolutely correct definition of love can be that love is an ultimate result of feeling interest in someone.

However, this interest might increase day by day and this interest might also decrease gradually. So always having same interest in someone may not be possible for everyone. There may be times you will not feel in interest in the person you were once interested in. This type of feelings does not support the previous definition of love. Because true love doesn’t end overnight. It continues without giving any value to whatever situations are there in life. So only a genuine interest in someone can actually turn into true love. Only feeling an interest may not always force you to love someone from the bottom of your heart. Love just starts, but how it starts is impossible to say.

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