Amazing Alternative Cures For Erectile Problems

The doctor, village wizard and hedge witch of yore gained their stature in society with potions and philters providing every cure from evil spells to runny tummies and weak erection treatment. The secrets of seduction have always been coveted for years and people, then and now, are ready and willing to consume swallow love potions and aphrodisiacs to appear attractive and sexually appealing to their opposite number.

There are archiac Chinese and Indian scrolls and manuscripts, like the Kama sutra, that record herbal recipes used in erectile treatment . Thousands of years ago, the Chinese discovered the use of deer antler velvet, or powdered deer antler, in preparing sex stimulants . Consequent research has shown that deer antlers are rich in amino acids vital to the production of red blood cells and insulin growth factor (IGF-1) known to improve strength and vitality by increasing the testosterone levels in men. As deer antlers regenerate every year, it is believed that these rejuvenating cells act much like stem cells in treating erection difficulties.

Ginseng, the Chinese cure-all, is considered a powerful natural ingredient that improves blood circulation and helps kidney function thereby addressing two of the most commonly attributed problems that lead to impotency. The Chinese belief that the kidneys house sexual libido, makes roots like ginseng and herbs like fenugreek invaluable in treating a weak erection.

The Aztecs and the Mayans are credited for discovering damiana, which is also used as herbal medicine in Mexico and is renowned as a sexual stimulant that can be used in treatment for erectile dysfunction. In Jamaica, practitioners of folk medicine swear by the damiana that grows wild in the countryside. This comes of their observation of the dramatically increased libido of male goats that ingest damiana while grazing.

Appropriately, this treatment of erectile weakness goes by the name of ‘Ram Goat Dash Along’. Equally amazing is the ‘Mister He’s Black Hair Tonic’, literally translated from the Chinese Ho Shou Wu and known to Americans as Fo-Ti, which is reputed to have such strong rejuvenating properties that it can turn white hair to black, hence the name. Wolfberry, more commonly referred to as lychii has also been used by traditional Chinese medicine in weak erection treatment for its properties as a sexual stimulant and natural fertility booster.

Inca warriors used a root called Maca, native to Peru and found in the Andes in their erectile treatment. Consumed before battle, this humble tuber was said to confer great strength and endurance on the warrior.

Peruvians use Maca to prepare a strong brew that is used as an aphrodisiac in erection treatment. In West Africa yohimbe is derived from the bark of a tall evergreen. Yohimbe increases the dilation of blood vessels thus helping in treating erection problems .

Given the ancient precedent for herbal remedies for erection treatment, the men of today’s world should remain hopeful since many of these ancient remedies have been incorporated into successful herbal erection enhancers for erection problems treatment. If lack of money is a problem, there are still several options available that require only a modest investment.

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