How To Get Dates With Women – Do You Just Rely On Luck?

Recently, a friend of mine came to me for a little help with his lack of success in getting dates with women. This was kind of surprising at first, because I had always thought this friend of mind did pretty well. We got to talking and he revealed something that kind of surprised me. I had asked him what he usually did to get dates with women, and after he thought about it for some time, he shrugged his shoulders and just said… “Luck, I guess.”

This illustrates a really good point that you need to take in. If you are struggling to get dates with women, and you are hoping that luck somehow kicks in and takes care of everything… you are probably going to be disappointed. There is a MUCH better way and you don’t have to feel as powerless as you would if your only hope was that somehow luck would make everything okay.

Skill Trumps Luck… Always!

Instead of just sitting back and hoping that luck shines it’s light on you and helps you get dates with women, why not instead build up your skills so that you can confidently KNOW that you can approach a woman, get some flirtation going, and then be able to escalate to where you can get a date with her?

If you had some money to invest, who would you feel more confident going with? An investment agent who relied on skill and strategy or one who relied on pure chance? I think you and I both know the answer to that one, at least, we do if you want to keep your money and watch it grow. So, why would you choose to rely on luck when it comes to getting dates with women?

It May Not Happen Overnight… But It Will Happen!

Building up the skills to attract women is not something that happens “overnight” for most guys. Let’s be real here. It takes some time. You have to get some experience and yes, that does mean that there will be some rejection that you will have to deal with. Like it or not, that is the way that it goes. The good thing for YOU is, once you build up the skills to attract women, getting dates will NEVER be a problem.

Think about it like this. Once you really know a variety of techniques that you can use to make a woman want you, you will be able to adapt to almost any situation and be able to deal with a variety of women. When that happens, the doors of opportunity spring WIDE open. Most men who seem to have the uncanny ability to attract women were at one point just like YOU. The only difference was, they reached a point where they decided to NOT rely on pure luck alone and discover for themselves what really attracts women.

Are you going to rely on luck or are you going to build up your skills to attract women?

It’s really up to you, but you have to admit, you will have a lot more POWER and the ability to choose which women you WANT to date, but you do have to build up your skills to attract women. Otherwise, luck may be your only option.

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