How To Turn On Your Man – Tips For Women That Will Make Him Hot With Desire

Do you have your eyes cast on a guy and you want to be extra sure that you can turn him on and make him desire you? Do you already have a guy you are seeing and you really want to make sure that he lusts after you and only you? If you do, then keep on reading. The way that you go about turning on a man is not the same as you would want to be turned on, so you really have to know what you are doing.

You should know by now that men get turned on by more visual things than anything else. Why else do you think that there is an entire industry that caters to this reality by producing adult entertainment. So, you have to incorporate that little nugget of knowledge if you want to make sure that you do your job and get him turned on by you.

Here are some things that you can do that will make him hot with desire for you:

1. Make him want you, but feel like he may not be able to have you.

It’s only natural for a man to feel like he wants what he cannot have, so if you really want to get him turned on by you, make him wonder. Give him a few signs that he can have you, but then cross his signals by making it seem like he cannot. Do this just the right way and he will be ready to follow you wherever you want to lead him. Just be careful that you tread a balance here. If he feels like you are too “easy” for him to get, then that can be a turn off. And if he feels like there is no way at all that he can have you, then he may look for someone else.

2. Don’t be afraid to show him that you do have a sexy and sensual side of you.

You might think that this would give him the wrong opinion of you, but most of the time, it will have the opposite effect on him. Like I mentioned before, most guys get turned on by the visual things, so you do need to leverage that fact and give him a little taste of your sexy and sensual side of yourself. Be flirty, even seductive a little, and you can really get him turned on very quickly.

3. Use text messages to really spice things up.

A text message is really good for getting him turned on by you, because it is an easy way to send him a clear message. And you can do this without having to be face to face, so you don’t have to have any qualms about feeling awkward or anything like that. Send him a flirty message via text. Don’t worry about whether or not he texts you back right away, it will do the trick.

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