Penis Enlargement Graphs For Graphing Out Your Penis Size Increases For Improved Result Monitoring

One way of continuing to remain motivated during your penis enlargement journey is to learn how to graphically represent your enlargement results. Utilizing such graphs gives you another point-of-view for seeing how your enlargement results are coming along and to help you set up goals for the future and better manage your penile enlargement protocol.

Graphical charts can be created and printed on-line for free from numerous web-sites that offer this service. If you utilize this method and print them out, you can easily create a binder to put the graphs in. A better method, however, if possible, is to purchase some poster board and create large charts to hang on your wall. This may not be easy to do if you have a lot of visitors to the room where you have the charts and aren’t very keen on other people seeing your charts. However, by hanging these charts on the wall, they will be a constant reminder to you about your penis enlargement goals and how well you are doing to reach them.

You can make any sort of graph that you like, however, the “Line Graph” I find to be the most illustrative and helpful. This is simply an X-Y axis graph that is marked per each measurement reading. You can then connect the “dots” in the chart with lines and get a nice graphical representation of what your enlargement results are looking like. By studying such graphs, you can see patterns in your enlargement program which can be extremely helpful in adjusting your enlargement routine to get better results.

Three graphs are recommended:

1) Penis Length – Here the bottom line (Horizontal) should be delineated every two weeks and the up and down line (Vertical) should be in increments of 1/4″.

2) Penis Girth – Here the bottom line (Horizontal) should be delineated every two weeks and the up and down line (Vertical) should be in increments of 1/4″.

3) Penis Volume – Here the bottom line (Horizontal) should be delineated every two weeks and the up and down line (Vertical) should be in increments of.25 cubic inches.

You can also use metric units if you prefer and utilize other methods of measurement, such as diameter, percentage increase, and anything else you desire. I prefer a re-measurement about every two weeks. Some men prefer to make weekly measurements and some men prefer monthly measurements. Whatever is most useful for you is the gradation you should use.

You can also make notes on the bottom of the graphs to notate certain events that may have applied during a particular time frame or day. For example, if you were unable to perform your penis exercises for four days because you had the flu, then you would want to notate this on your graph to point out how this may have effected your enlargement results for that two-week period. It’s highly helpful to make these notations as they will give you a better idea as to what events in your life may have impacted your enlargement results. Even things such as stress from a new job, starting a new type of exercise, lifestyle changes, and anything that is out of the ordinary for your typical time frame should be noted. This will help you also see patterns that may be having an effect on your enhancement results – for good or bad. Every small piece of information can be utilized to monitor your progress and to improve your size figures.

Making such graphs will also allow you to set fantastic goals. For example, if your penis is five inches long and you want to reach 6.5 inches in two months, then simply put a big red “X” at 6.5 inches on your chart at the two-month region. By looking at this every day, it will help you work toward getting that extra one-and-a-half inches. You can the increase or decrease your exercises to help you reach that goal. For example, if you notice you are falling behind, then you can increase your workouts to compensate for your falling behind.

Again, anything one can do to better visualize, monitor, keep track of, and keep motivation levels up is a great way to ensure that you get the most out of your penis-enhancement program.

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