Seducing A Woman – How To Turn Her On Without Being Too Obvious About It

One of the biggest problems that men face when they try to turn on a woman is that they are just way too obvious about it. A key difference between men and women is the simple fact that subtlety goes a long way with women, whereas with men, we like to be blunt about it. Well, if you try and turn on a woman and you are too obvious about what you are trying to do, chances are… the only one that is going to be turned on is YOU! Before you begin to assume that I am going to suggest that you be deceptive in any way… get that thought out of your mind. It’s not about being deceptive, it’s about communicating sexual attraction in a way that she responds to.

Communication is always a key part of any relationship or interaction between two people. So, if you want to turn a woman on, communication is going to be a core part of that. However, if you don’t know how to communicate in a way that makes her respond to you… then you have a problem. It’s like speaking one language, while she only understands another. It’s not going to work out well at all!

So, how can you turn on a woman without being too obvious about it?

First Tip- Do NOT underestimate the power of the spoken word!

You can easily discover how to seduce a woman with words, as long as you know which ones to use. Men like facts. We want to know the facts and little else. Women, on the other hand tend to respond much better to words that evoke emotions. So, a good thing to get used to doing, is to use words that evoke emotions. And most importantly, to use words that evoke emotions that make her feel really good. This does not mean that you should feed her a steady diet of compliments. It means that you need to choose words that are going to put her in a ‘state’ so that she begins to associate YOU with her feeling GOOD.

Second Tip- Make her want you by being playful with her.

When a guy is too serious around a woman, he’s more than likely going to make her feel anything but turned on. You want to be playful while you are with a woman, especially if you want to get her turned on by you. Think about it like this. You are out on a date with a woman and all she is getting from you is a serious vibe. What do you think she is going to start to feel? Serious, right? Well, does anyone really get all hot and bothered when they are in a serious mood? Not at all, it almost always happens when they are feeling really playful.

Third Tip- To really get her turned on without being too obvious, you need to learn how to use body language to create sexual attraction.

Why is this so important? Well, simply because body language is the unspoken level of communication between two people. It is inherently subtle, but it can speak volumes and do a lot to get her to respond to you. Just being able to use your body language to create a lot of sexual attraction can be more than enough to turn her on. The trick is, to realize that not all women are going to respond to the same exact body language cues. So, you also have to know how to read her body language so that you can make yours match up and kind of mirror hers.

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