Signs That Your Spouse May Be Cheating On You – Tell Tale Signs You Must Know

Do you want to discover the cold hard truth of whether or not your spouse is cheating on you? One of the worst feelings you can ever have is feeling as if the person you love is seeing someone else. Betrayal can be one of the worst things you will experience and this is why you probably have a sickening feeling right now in the pit of your stomach. Let’s look at how to tell if your man is up to no good or learn is my wife having an affair right now.

The truth is that over 50% of men and women who suspect that their partner is cheating are correct. Before you let that stat make you confront your parter it is important to understand and look for some of the tell tale signs that can make your clear whether or not your spouse might be having an affair.

Classic tell tale warning signs include distance between the both of you. Do you find that your intimacy levels seemed to have dropped and something just doesn’t feel right as to why you and your partner are much more distant? While levels can go up and down in any marriage, having your partner seem distant can be a classic warning sign and something that you need to make sure you keep your eye on.

Do you find that you are and your partner are fighting more often and sometimes over the smallest things and in some cases over nothing at all? It is very common for a cheating partner to try and justify their actions by nit picking and finding faults and flaws in their partner that always them to mentally justify their cheating. It is very common for more fights to occur but on the same token you might find that your partner seems to no longer care about things they normally would.

Do you find your partner has a sudden urge to join the gym and drop a few pounds, are they going out buying new clothes, perfumes or colognes from left field. If you are certain that these things are not to impress you or themselves then there is a good chance that they might be looking to express the interest in someone else. It is very common for a partner to be more self conscious if he or she is cheating or looking to cheat.

Keep a watchful eye on your partner’s cell phone and whether or not they are holding onto it for dear life. Are they putting the phone on silent/vibrate in order to keep it quiet and keep your attention off text messages and emails etc? Do you find that they are constantly getting text messages or calls and are very upset when you ask them who they were on the phone with? While snooping can be considered bad phone, having your partner become extremely defensive might mean they have something to do.

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