The Average Penis Size

Do an online search for average penis size and many results will be found. Men often want to know what size penis is considered average so they know whether theirs falls within this range. If it does not, they make take steps to enlarge their penis, using exercises, devices, pills, creams, or even surgery. Having all the facts lets a man know whether any of this is necessary.

A groundbreaking study regarding the topic was conducted in 1948 by the Kinsey Institute. Researchers studied the penis sizes of 3,500 college males, the majority of whom were Caucasian. The measurement technique was rather rudimentary, involving holding a white card against the penis, marking the length on the card, and then measuring this length. Conclusions were a 4.85-inch average erect girth and 6.21-inch average erect length.
In 1979, Gebhard and Johnson found that the average erect penis length of U.S. males was between five and seven inches. They listed the average circumference as four to six inches. Dr. Erick Janssen, a researcher with the Kinsey Institute, studied 300 men between 1989 and 1993. He found that the mean circumference of the penis was about 4.8 inches.

Other recent unpublished data reveals that the average length of an erect penis ranges from five to six inches. One to four inches is reported to be the average flaccid penis length. Many myths surround the length of the penis, some of which are debunked through research studies published in books and online.

One of the most famous misunderstandings is which sex considers the length of a penis to be more important. A recent study that reviewed over 60 years of research found that approximately 90 percent of women prefer a wider size penis to a longer one. Of the female respondents, 85 percent reported being satisfied with the penis size of their partner. Before doing anything drastic, men should consider asking their partner how they feel about the sex life that is shared. You may discover that what you have is more than enough.

So although you may be concerned with your penis size and have feelings of inadequacy, chances are very high that you actually fall into the normal category. Also, it is very important to remember that girth is actually more important to women than length. It is vital that men not try to live up to examples of porn stars or other media creations. This will always be the exception, not the rule.

Try to enjoy the many other blessings in your life rather than be consumed with the size of your organ. There are many positives that can be focused on daily while putting the negatives out of your mind.

If you feel you simply have to figure a way to make your penis larger, there are two viable options; surgery and Penis pumps. Do your research before committing to either one.

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