Are Good Looking Women Really Hard To Attract?

Are you in the majority of regular guys who seem to think that beautiful women are hard to attract? Well, if so, then you are RIGHT… sort of. Contrary to what you might think though, they are not off limits. That is of course, if you know what kind of approach works best on beautiful women. Just because you see lots of images of beautiful women only getting with guys who are bloated with money, guys who drive that flashy car or guys that spend more time in a gym or a tanning booth than they do working an actual job… it does not mean that you cannot attract beautiful women. You can.

What you should open your eyes up to is the countless examples of women who are with guys who really are not all that good looking or wealthy or tanned and use that as a reminder that those things that you THINK women are after… are not necessarily the real driving force behind what attracts them. This is good for you, because if the converse was the only way to go, then you would HAVE to possess the hottest car, a big bank account, and a body that showed that you spend more time in the gym than at work.

This Is Why Beautiful Women Seem to Be So Hard to Attract-

Perception. They say that reality is really just your perception of it, and in many ways that is true when it comes to dating and attraction. If your perception of dating is that only the wealthy men get lucky, or only the star athletes can get really good looking women, then that is what you will see. And you will keep on seeing that and only that, thus reinforcing the idea that these are the things that you need to have to get a date. And if you perceive that beautiful women are out of your league, then they always will be as well. You won’t even bother to give it a shot, because you will just think it is impossible.

One revelation that you should have when you look at attracting beautiful women is… they do have the opportunity to date just about whomever they want to. That is something that you need to take into account and realize that in order to get anywhere at all, you are going to have to try something a little bit different. Something outside the box that will get you noticed and get your ‘foot’ in the door so to speak.

This is What You Need to Attract Beautiful Women-

Real confidence. The kind that just oozes out of you and seems natural and not like you are trying to put on a show. Not only that, you also need to have the ability to read a woman so that you know a little bit about what she is thinking. This is something that most men cannot do, and that will help you to separate yourself from the pack of other men that want to date her, because you will know when to make your move and when to hold back. Not only that, when you can read a woman pretty well, you can get an accurate measure on when she is feeling the most attraction so that you can escalate that attraction and really make her want you.

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