Get Attention From Women – Why Women Don’t Notice YOU

Does it ever feel like no matter what, women just do not seem to pay that much attention to you? And even if they do, does it always seem like they see you not as a guy they want to date, but just a nice guy that they may want to be friends with? I can totally relate to this feeling, because at one time… that is exactly what it seemed to be like for me. There is a reason why some guys get a lot of attention from women and some guys get next to none. And it is probably not why you think it is. Even if you are not the most ‘polished’ guy, even if you are not the guy dressing like a wannabe rock star… you can still get attention from women.

First though, you have to kind of get into WHY women don’t notice you. Because until you get to the root of that problem, things probably are not going to change. And if you think it is because you are a nice guy, and that women are addicted to being with jerks, then you really need to change your way of thinking.

Here are some common reasons why women don’t notice you:

1. You shy away from being in the spotlight.

This is a really common problem that shy guys tend to have. They don’t feel comfortable being the center of attention, so they shy away from the spotlight. The problem with this is… if you shrink away from getting noticed… doesn’t that set you up for disappointment? I mean, if you want attention from women… then you kind of have to get over this. Let’s say that you are at a party. And there are plenty of women there, but also plenty of other guys. Even if you are the nicest, coolest guy there… the other guys are going to get noticed if they don’t mind the attention and you are shying away.

2. When you socialize with a woman, you try to be too safe.

What do I mean by too safe? It’s when a guy will suppress what he really wants to say, all because he is afraid that he will say the wrong thing or because he will somehow offend a woman. Problem with this is… how will they get to know you at all if you suppress what you really think and what you really want to say? Besides that, women respect a guy who’s not afraid to speak his mind, and that is an attractive quality. If you don’t show that you have this quality… why would they want to see you as anything more than a friend?

3. You come across as being one of those lethargic guys with no real energy.

You don’t need to come across like one of those super amped up guys that you see in a typical infomercial, but if you come across like you have no energy at all… that’s not going to attract much attention. People respond well to those who seem to have a lot of positive energy, and if you come across as being lethargic and complacent, then you are not going to trigger that response that you want. And women want to be with a guy who is going to energize their life, not bring them down.

If you seriously want to get dates with women, then you have to know how to attract women and their attention. Otherwise there is nothing to really make her want you the way that she needs to.

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