Increase Your Chances Of Getting Laid By 43%

Here’s a quick story about a date I had last night.

Now, when you’re trying to score with a woman, you’ve got to eliminate her feelings of UNCERTAINTY.

Women have all kinds of reasons to NOT talk to us, to NOT give us their phone number, to NOT go on a date, and to NOT have sex with us.

And a lot of this is because they don’t feel SECURE with you yet.

So here’s a real fast tip if you want to take a woman on a date

Don’t offer to pick her up. This might set off “red flags” in her mind. If she barely knows you, she might not want you to know where she lives.

This is understandable. A lot of guys (not like you) have stalker-ish tendencies, and maybe she’s been through this with a guy before. Or maybe she knows a girl who has.

So if you barely know the girl, but you got her phone number, and now it’s time to take her out, don’t suggest picking her up.

Here’s what you do instead. Tell her to meet you out in front of your place. Give her your address, tell her to meet you out front at a certain time, and tell her that the two of you can “roll together” to the spot.

(The bar, coffee shop, restaurant, party, etc — wherever you plan on taking her tonight.)

She’ll go for this suggestion because of two reasons:

A) It eliminates her fear that she’s going to have to try to find the date location, and she might get lost. You’re making it easy on her by suggesting that the two of you go there together.

B) She’s probably going to be curious to see where you live. You didn’t tell her that she’d be coming INSIDE your place. You only asked her to meet you out front. But still, she’s curious to at least see the exterior of your pad.

So now, here’s what you do. When she pulls up outside your place, you go outside, as if you’re all ready to go on the date, and ask her if she wants to take two cars, or if she wants to ride in your car.

Either way she answers, here’s what you do next: you tell her that you forgot something back inside your place. You tell her you need to go back inside for a minute.

And then you INVITE her to come in — “just for a minute,” you tell her.

So, you bring her into your place, and you let her hang out in the living room for a few minutes while you go into the other room and pretend to be getting the item that you forgot.

And then, you go with her on the date.

What was the purpose of this exercise? It’s actually SUPER important. You showed her the inside of your home and you let her get familiar with it.

It is no longer a strange environment to her.

There is no longer a “fear of the unknown.”

At the end of the date, when you invite her back to your place, this doesn’t feel SCARY to her because she has ALREADY been inside your home, and knows that it’s comfortable and inviting.

(But ONLY if your home is set up the right way, and even more importantly, it’s CLEAN…)

This sounds like a simple Tactic, but it really works. I ALWAYS try to show a woman the inside of my home, just for a few minutes, before I take her out on a date.

And you know what?

NOT using this Tactic, when I would invite her back to my place at the end of the night, I’d be successful around 43% of the time.

When I DO USE this Tactic, girls come home with me around 90% of the time. (And when they come home with me, I know how to close the deal.)

It all comes down to FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN.

Women are big on this. Guys are not!

(If a girl was HOT, I would drive in the middle of the night to the WORST part of town just to get laid! I wouldn’t care where she lived — I was going for the sex!)

But if you invite a woman back to YOUR place… and she has never seen it before…maybe she worries that it’s filthy, or that you have a bunch of roommates, or that it’s too far away, or whatever…there all kinds of little “red flags” popping off in her mind about why maybe going to your place is NOT a good idea.

And that’s when she’ll say, “Umm, thanks, but not tonight, I need to be up early tomorrow…”

Well, you AVOID all of this, and set her mind at EASE, when you “preface” the date by inviting her inside for a few minutes.

Then, at the end of the night, when it’s time to invite her home…it feels to her like a MUCH safer and more comfortable scenario, because she’s already been inside.

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