Before And After Photos Of Penis Enlargement- Are They True?

One of the best ways to get somebody’s attention is to show the results of a product, from the “before” & “after” point-of-view. This is popular with commercials about cleaning agents. They typically reveal you some surface in the kitchen that is greasy and ugly. They spray some of their magic cleaner on the mess. Wait a few seconds, and then miraculously wipe away the greasy dirt with a wet sponge.

Certainly these attain our attention, as they reinforce the notion that a picture is worth a thousand words. Images and commercials like this stand out and “prove” that the brand is so incredible.

With penile enlargement products, you see the very similar to “before/after” photos. In one picture the male looks like his penis is three inches long. However, in the second photo, it appears as if his penis has grown to an astonishing eight or nine inches.

A guy’s first reaction whenever he sees these images is to be very impressed. Unfortunately, though, most of these photos have been “photoshopped.” This connotes that they have been “manipulated” into appearing to be something they are not. whereas not all the pictures like this are “faked,” a nice many are. Here are a few simple ways to tell:

1) If the image is the similar to with the before/after picture. This means the identical background, lighting, and angle of the camera shot. If the picture sounds to be taken in the identical precise way, it’s probably a fake, as it’s near impracticable to create the identical environment for the second picture.

2) strange “block” pixelating. Typically these are observed where the shaft of the organ sounds to have “grown.” The pixels in this area of the skin will be bigger with less clarity. Their boundaries will be markedly delineated and they will be much different from other aspects of the image. You will notice that the resolution will be various in these “growth” areas on the shaft and of lesser quality. Sometimes a “blurring” or out-of-focus effect will be discernible in these areas.

3) Coloration – many times in image manipulation the colors will be changed. check to see if there is a normal and continuous pattern of colors on the shaft of both pictures. If the colors seem to achieve washed out in the secondary photo and not the first, it is probably the second image was “improved.”

There are other techniques, too. Lighting is important, especially with shadows. a lot of times they will enlarge the penile gauge nevertheless not change the shadow size. One super technique is to save the images and look at them closely since zooming in on the pixels. This method will render a lot of fakes jump right out at you. Also, decreasing and improving brightness or collate on both images (the identical) and comparing them will typically expose anomalies that occurred through the photo-manipulation process.

Now, if you do get discrepancies in the photos, it will be up to you to settle if you can trust their product or services, or not.

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