Get Your Ex Back – He Contacted Me Does He Want To Get Back Together?

While you might be thrilled to death after your ex initiated contact with you by email, text or over the phone, try to keep it together here. Having him contact you might feel wonderful and you might feel like he is finally opening up to you again, you should be warned that how you handle things from here on out might determine whether you get him back or not. Your next move could be your last or it could be the beginning of actually getting him back.

After all, there could be many reasons why he got in touch with you. He could just be lonely or his contact could be just to tie up loose ends after the breakup. He might be feeling badly about how things ended between the two of you or he could be beginning to feel that loss from not having you in his life anymore. Either way, this contact is your chance to do your thing and actually make some headway in recreating that connection and getting your ex back for good!

If you really want to make him wonder, act as if his contact means nothing. Be your cool self and try not to throw up on him verbally with everything that you have been doing since the breakup. Make him almost beg for every bit of information that you give him and make him work at the conversation. After all, he is the one contacting you! By being a bit standoffish you will create tension and you will make him wonder what has happened and what has changed and wonder is a wonderful thing!

You will be gaining the upper hand by playing your cards close to the vest. Take that control away from him by keeping the call or contact short and sweet. If he has left you a voicemail or sent you a text, resist the urge to call him right back. Resist the urge to tell him that you have missed him or that you love him. Again, play things cool and give him nothing!

It might be very hard for you to keep from telling him how much you love him but even if he starts to come on to you it is important that you need to play a little hard to get. Doing so will build tension and make your attention and your time more valuable in his eyes. If you drop everything just to talk to him or see him, your time and attention is perceived as being less valuable and in essence, not worth having. Falling all over him will really hurt your chances of getting him back and it may put you right back at square one.

Again, it might feel great to hear from him, especially if this has been what you have been hoping and praying for since the breakup. But taking control of the situation and understanding what you need to do to leverage his emotions will get him back quicker than anything.

Once you understand what makes your ex tick and what you can do to make yourself and your time feel more valuable and worth having in your ex’s mind you will find that he will be more attentive and more attractive to him. Resist the urge to want to fall at his feet and beg him to come back to you and instead learn what you can do to make him feel as if his life is over without you.

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