Get Your Husband To Come Back To You Now – Secrets To Winning His Heart

You are angry and upset and you are about to lose all hope that you will ever be able to save your marriage and get your husband back. This has to the most painful part of actually getting him back and I want to help you through this nasty bit of business and give you the confidence and hope that you are going to need if you are determined to get your husband back. If you really do want him back then you need to read on and find out how you can not only win him back but have him fall in love with you the way that you always dreamed of.

Soon the days of being rolled to and fro by your emotions will be gone. No more will you feel the roller coaster ride of emotions as you dive head first into a pit of despair and pity. Soon you will have the confidence that you need to actually get your husband back. And it’s really not that difficult. While your women’s intuition might tell you differently at times please keep in mind that every once in a while our women’s intuition is wrong. What we feel is intuition is actually our fear and insecurities knocking at the door telling us that he never really loved us so we won’t get hurt again. But a spoonful of logic and sitting ourselves down and talking this through with ourselves can help you to see that if you play this right you really can have your husband back the way that you always dreamed.

You might think that you are thinking logically and that you’re being practical but chances are you are fearful and just trying to keep yourself from being disappointed again. Sitting down and thinking things through with a man’s perspective in mind can bring great revelations and help you to know in your heart that there is hope and that you can pull this off. You can avoid the divorce and get him back. Think about how your husband has been acting since the split. Does he act or say that he doesn’t love you anymore? Does he act like he just doesn’t care? Is there anything that you have done to maybe help him along or make him feel this way? How could the man that loved you so deeply and who promised to love you forever turn against you this way?

The truth is that after a breakup, emotions and feelings are all out of whack. What you are seeing in your husband is probably the exact opposite of what you are feeling or doing. You are trying with everything that you have to save your marriage and make everything right and your husband seems to be working his equally as hard to destroy everything that you hold dear and true. He has no desire to get back together or even talk about the possibility. He is doing the exact opposite of what you want just like a bad child who is rebelling against his parents. Keep in mind though that the love that he once showed you quite freely is still there in his heart. It is only covered over by fear, anger and stubbornness. The love that you shared didn’t go anywhere. It is still there and it is up to you when you want him to see it again. You could let time do the dirty work and eventually he will live to regret his decision to leave you. Or you could help things along by learning how to play the game and bring those emotions out in him in a very short period of time.

You might struggle with your own heart and wonder if what you had was really love. You might wonder how the man who loved you so much could leave you like this. You might wonder if he ever loved you at all or if it was all just a lie. Has the stress from the breakup caused all of these negative emotions that you are seeing in him or his this how he really feels? Well, you know that men are not very good with emotions and most men, your husband included, tend to react instead of interact and think about how they feel. Most men show only a few emotions and the ones that you are seeing right now are anger and defensiveness. And since the breakup there is a very good chance that his trigger is very easy to pull and everything is magnified one hundred times over. So, everything that you do is coming under great scrutiny and your husband is reacting more than he is thinking and feeling. Try not to hold this against him.

The best place for you to look for the truth about how he really feels deep down inside about you is to look to your memories and to your own heart. Think back and try to remember times when he looked at you and you knew that he loved you more than anything in the world. Think back to things that he used to do and intimate moments that you had that tell you that he loved you. If he felt these things for you once it is not only possible but quite probable that you can make him feel the same way again if not more so. In your own heart and in your memories is where the truth about his love for you lies. Not in his hurtful words or actions of present day.

Now, while all this seems like a rosy picture, now comes the stark truth of the matter. Now it is time for you to fight for your love. Now is the time for you to move forward and do what is necessary to get him back no matter what it takes. A divorce will affect you for the rest of your life and it will touch every aspect of your life from here on out. It will affect you financially, emotionally, spiritually and romantically for the rest of your life. This is something worth fighting for so not it’s time to take off the gloves. This means figuratively, of course but emotionally it is going to be every bit as grueling as a real fight. There will be times when you grow tired and want to quit but your love and your marriage is worth fighting for. Don’t let him walk away forever.

You might be tempted to want to ask him to go to counseling or a therapist with you but I will caution against this at the moment. You see, right now he has no desire to save the marriage and confronting him with something that he just doesn’t want is going to be a waste of your time and effort and it might even hurt things in the long run. If you want to get him back you need to make him feel something for you again. He is going to have to start to fall in love with you again and have some sort of connection with you again. Without that you are simply dragging a stubborn mule to counseling. You might think that it is impossible to make him want you and your relationship again but it is possible. And, no, I’m not talking about seducing him. That method will also end poorly for you and make it more difficult for you to get him back in the long run.

To get him to fall for you again you are going to have to appeal to his male emotions. You are going to have to push him emotionally and bring out that passion, that desire, that spark and that connection that brought you together in the first place. I know that it is a little confusing but it is a simple matter of balancing things back out to get him to come out from behind that wall that he has built around himself. Knowing how your husband thinks and what makes him tick is key in bringing these emotions back out in him in this particular situation. Knowing how to move him emotionally as a man is essential in making him feel the pull and the desire that will lead to that connection and love that will make him want you so badly that he will feel as if he simply cannot live without you.

If you are a little confused over how to pull this one off or exactly how to push him emotionally in a positive way, I found that the tips that I picked up from Matt Huston Get Him Back helped me to now only get my boyfriend back but to keep him interested in ways that I never thought were possible. The methods are a little sneaky but I know that I didn’t care. I just wanted to get him back and this was what helped me.

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