Get Your Man Back – What To Do When He Is Being Like A Spoiled Brat!

Do you wish you could just shake your ex and scream at him and tell him how badly he is messing up by breaking your heart? Do you know that some day he will regret his decision and you wish that he could see that right now? Maybe another woman has taken your love away or maybe the two of you had a big fight. Maybe it all really was your fault but you just want another chance. But you weren’t a horrible person and you don’t deserve this, do you?

But right now there is actual pain in your chest as your heart is breaking. Why can’t he see what he is doing to you and when will he come to his senses? But there seems to be no end in sight and as the days pass it feels as if he is slipping futher and futher away. His anger towards you grows and you wish you knew what to do to fix thing and bring his love back to you.

While most guys can be pretty stubborn at times, after a breakup you might have already noticed that your ex is extremely stubborn and you might feel like he will never change his mind. He might have actually told you this very thing! No matter how nice you are or how genuinely sorry you are about your part in the breakup, he doesn’t want to hear it and he is stubbornly sticking to his guns.

All of this might be very frustrating for you but you might find that later this is something that you actually love so much about him and it is something that can work in your favor once you get him back. You can use this attribute actually, to get him back forever. All you need to do is understand how his mind works and once you have him back on your side you can be sure that he isn’t going to give up on you again. But this idea has to be his and his alone… although there are things you can do to lead him to this decision!

One way to think about all of this is to think of your ex as if he was actually a child. Has he been acting like some of the spoiled children you see out with their parents at the store who throw a tantrum and kick and scream when they don’t get their own way? Maybe you should treat him as if he was a spoiled little boy and do what smart parents do and instead of giving in to all his demands or letting him get his way, you simply walk away and leave him on the floor pitching a fit like a baby.

When you think about it, your ex really isn’t acting any different than one of these spoiled little boys. He is acting out and misbehaving and his thoughts, actions and the things that he has said to you might be best described as irrational. Often the best thing to do is to just ignore the bad behavior and go about your business until he comes to his right mind. Take away your reaction and attention and eventually he will realize how much of a child he was behaving like.

All of this might sound just a little too simple to actually help you to get your ex back, and you would be right. This is just an example but the theory is still the same. Your ex is similar to a little boy but not exactly the same. He has the same ego and the same male hormones as the little boy but there are other aspects of his personality that might be a little more advanced. The overall scheme though is to take control of the relationship back so you can fix things and get him back in the shortest amount of time possible.

Understanding how your ex’s mind works by understanding that there is a little boy inside of him throwing a fit can help though. Understanding that what you are seeing is an extreme emotion in him and knowing what you can do to minimize those irrational emotions in your ex and what you can do to bring the love that he does still feel for you to the surface. It may be difficult at times to go through this but is is rather simple once you understand male psychology and what makes your man tick. Some understanding and planning can work wonders to help you to make him fall in love with you again both quickly and easily.

Using male psychology to get him back really is one of the simplest ways to get your ex back. While it may be difficult for you to use these psychological tricks, it can be very easy to accomplish once you understand what works on the male mind.

One thought on “Get Your Man Back – What To Do When He Is Being Like A Spoiled Brat!”

  1. “Actual pain in your chest as your heart is breaking”~ those people who didn’t feel some pain seems to be just playing with hearts. I think, after doing this tips the next thing to do if it doesn’t work is another painful thing ‘move on’.


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