Getting Your Girlfriend Back – Making Up Your Mind To Get Her Back

Have you found that getting your girlfriend back hasn’t been quite as easy as you thought it was going to be? What you thought was going to be a short argument that would blow over in a day or two has turned out to be a real breakup. Or all the things that worked in the past to get her to change her mind and come back to you just aren’t working. No matter what you say or what you do, your wife or girlfriend just seems like she is pretty much done with you.

If you’re thinking of giving up or if people are telling you that you need to move on and find someone else but you can’t, then listen up. If you find that your heart really is in the right place but you have had just about enough of banging your head against a wall then it might be out of frustration that you are ready to quit on your girlfriend and not because it is what you really want. Before you do anything though, you should know what you want and be sure of your intentions.

What Are Your True Intentions – Sometimes it is difficult to know what your true intentions are and why you are doing something without some careful consideration. Taking a little time to look back at your relationship right now might be a good idea before devoting a lot of time and effort into getting your girlfriend back. Often, just after a breakup we might look back at the relationship and take on all the blame for its downfall on ourselves. But remember that it takes two opposing forces to cause friction and your ex will always be to blame for at least a portion of the problems in your relationship.

You should also look carefully at your own intentions and your true feelings for your ex. Are you simply wanting to get her back because she dumped you? Rejection can often make us want to have something that has been denied. People tend to want what they feel they can not have. This is even more true if your girlfriend is either dating someone new now or if there was another guy involved who stole your girl away from you. Just be sure that you want to get your girlfriend back because she really does make you happy, you enjoy spending time with her and you love her.

Are You Prepared To Do What It Takes – Getting your girlfriend back might be one of the toughest things you will ever do emotionally. There will be times when you feel like each moment is a year and it is simply torture to wait for her to change her mind and come back to you but it can be worth it in the end. Sometimes it takes a little trickery to get her back. You might think that honesty is the best policy but in my experience, wearing your heart on your sleeve and being open and honest while you are trying to get your girlfriend back just doesn’t work. For instance, it might make you feel good to tell her that you love her and you might even think that this is necessary but this would be a huge mistake if you are serious about getting your girlfriend back.

If you really want to get your girlfriend back you are going to have to be calculating and methodical. You are going to need to be patient and persistent. You are going to have to suck it up and look at your long term goal a couple of days or weeks up the road instead of insisting on trying to force her to come back to you immediately. The methods that are proven to work and have the best long term success are those that work on a woman’s emotions and cause her to become super emotionally attached before coming back. This is really how you want to get your girlfriend back.

Are You Sure You Will Follow Through – There will be times when you want to quit or when it seems like things just aren’t working but often your girlfriend won’t show you what’s going on inside of herself at first. She might even rebel a little more or test you even more when you are getting close to winning her back. There also may be times when you are tempted to want to fall back into old patterns of behavior with your girlfriend as you beging to make progress but be mindful of where those behaviors lead. Falling back on old methods or behaviors that didn’t get your girlfriend back or didn’t keep her in the beginning will only lead to being broken up again. These might feel comfortable or you might think that they’ll work but they won’t help you to get your girlfriend back again.

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