How To Approach Women And Embrace Rejection

Probably the worst thing about approaching women is… the possibility of getting rejected and feeling like a total loser as you walk away from her. Many times, just the idea of being shot down by a woman is enough to keep a guy from even trying to walk up to a woman and get a conversation going with her. The problem is… until you embrace the possibility of getting rejected and become okay with it, then it will always seem like a horrible thing to approach a woman you do not know. Of course, as long as you feel that way, it will also seem hopeless when you think about how to find a girlfriend.

Embracing rejection is one of the best switches that any man can make to become successful with women. You need to go from being the kind of guy who just looks at women from a safe distance to being the kind of guy who can walk up to her and start talking to her without worrying about the possibility that she is going to act cold or shoot you down. If you can do this, then you can end up with more opportunities than you ever thought were possible.

Most men will never force themselves to approach women they do not know if they feel like that woman might shoot them down. This means that they will never approach a woman they think is out of their league or above them in any way. Of course, that also means a lot of lonely nights, a lot of shaky confidence and a lot of frustration as well. When you can force yourself to make approaches and embrace the possible rejection that comes with it, then you can make a quantum leap in your success with women.

Truthfully, approaching really good looking women is not that much different than walking up to an average woman and talking to her. Sure, there are some differences, I won’t deny that, but it is probably not as ‘scary’ as you imagine it would be. And many times, you might just find that you can get her talking pretty easily as long as you don’t come across like a jerk in any way.

Allow Yourself to Embrace Rejection From Women…

Do you realize that for most men, the odds of a good looking woman and a hot woman rejecting them are pretty much the same. They are… most of the time. So, when you see a woman you think is really attractive and you want to go and talk to her, do it. You need to do things like this to break you out of your comfort zone just a little bit. That way… you will end up getting comfortable approaching the kind of women most men will not.

Besides, will it really destroy your world to get shot down? Maybe for a few moments or even a few days, but that is about it. After that, it will be in the past and you can forget about it. At least you will know that you had the stuff to go and give it a try. You can also raise your hopes by learning how to talk to women as well.

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